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Update from myside!!!
Seethramji My great admiration towards you!!!! so far things that have come true with your predictions...
1) after all that drama and trauma finally my father has some how changed his views about me and started with no money only daughter relationship.....
2) My sweet brother who was upset on me has finally turned friendly towards me... he even wants to visit me
3) My mother-inlaw ( fatherinlaw passed away recently) has finally started talking to us and respecting my husband( her son)
4) my husband brother never spoke to me started respecting and talking to me all of a sudden
5) My feelings of going back and setteling in india appears to have finally faded away..... started to understand I am better off here in USA
lots of people started taking a deep closer look at my heart these days .... slowly things are really changing for good.....
Wow hats off to sru-kra-dasa....
Thanks tp my favourite list of gurus who predicted most of it.....

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