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Request for - studies,career
« on: December 02, 2010, 07:40:09 PM »
Dear Sir / Madam,

I have few questions related to my studies,career please reply.
recently I had written BEd exams I have passed two papers only, 4 papers are to be cleared.

1.Will I able to Complete My BEd successfully?
2.I would like go further studies like MSc / MEd, will I able to acquire higher educational qualifications?
3.Any Govt.Teacher post / Govt.Job in my chart or If I start my own school (small) will I get success?

My Dob:31/1/1980 10:45a.m - Kavali - A.P - India
please reply to my questions,

Thank you very much,


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Request for - studies,career
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Request for - studies,career
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you got 3 planets retrograde which doesnt give complete satisfaction in any part of life.
You will achieve but with some less satisfaction than you expected.

you have entered ketu dasa this yr sept, and this will help you complete your degree but with some delay.
you will have to wait till end of nov 2011, when saturn moves out of kanya rasi

i cannot say what type of job but it wont be stationary one like a govt job, so you might get a private one

higher education chances are there before ketu dasa ends in 2017 but that will also take long time and lot of effort


Request for - studies,career
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Thank you very much Madam / Sir.



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