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Saturn, Jupiter transits and my Love Story
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Hi, I am Hari nath 21m from Vijayawada.
My Details are 11 - Jan - 1989
Vijayawada(Andhra Pradesh - If possible set Nuzvid(50 km from) Vijayawada as a birth place)

My Lovers Details
24 - May - 1991
10:15 am

All know that any relation of Jupiter and Saturn in the chart of Mithuna, Karkataka, Simha and Kanya Lagnas or Rasis make some one to move towards a love affair in particular periods.
The same thing was happened in my lovers chart where she was born in Karka lagna and kanya rasi.
She introduced to me at July - 2005 where Rahu - Jupiter is going for her.
See at the same point of time Saturn is crossing Her Mars which is posited in Lagna in Transit and also Jupiter crossing her Moon in Kanya raasi.
I proposed to her at January 2006. where her Rahu - Saturn is just operated and Saturn is now crossing her Jupiter posited in her Lagna.
She rejected the proposal, but may be due to the effect of Saturn her mindset is completely changed and she made good friendship with me till 2007 January.

From 2007 January my love affair started booming again, see in the Transit Jupiter is posited in Scorpio and Aspecting Saturn with 5th aspect which is posited in Cancer. See how beautiful combination. Transit Saturn is 7th from Natal Saturn and Transit Jupiter is 5th from Natal Jupiter and Transit Jupiter is aspecting Transit Saturn, Transit Saturn is aspecting Natal Saturn and making conjunction with Jupiter. This position is continued till 2007 July and i had good days in my love.

But after some days Saturn is moved into simha raasi and Jupiter is moved into Dhanus(Saggitarius).
The Same Transit Jupiter aspected the Same Transit Saturn with 5th aspect, but i have bad days. But the same thing when happened in Scorpio - Cancer combination i am having good days.

The only reason i can tell for this is Jupiter is 6 - 8 axes from Natal Jupiter and Saturn is also placed in 6 - 8 combination from Natal Saturn.

When Transit Jupiter aspected the Transit Saturn with 5th aspect in January 2008 she scolded me for my mistake and same aspect happened again at Oct 2008 her uncle scolded me for making love with her and made her mind changed totally away from me.

In this way still we got troubles due to the Saturn - Jupiter aspect. Now first time after her birth Saturn and Jupiter aspecting with 180 degrees. This also done 1-7 position from her Raasi. It seems things are moving favor for me. I got guidance from good astrologists and expecting some thing from this community too.

Coming to my horoscope un combusted Saturn and Venus in 8th started a love affair in Jupiter - Venus period. 2nd and 5th lord Mercury Beautifully posited in 9th house made me good in Education, skills etc. Gave me good inheritance and Family Background. Also had good knowledge of Astrology. I completed my Graduation in 2007 at Just 18 yrs of age and MCA in 2010 at Just 21 yrs of AGE.

I have many horoscopes in which were born in 1991 in The above said four Lagnas and making Love affairs due to the effect of aspects of Jupiter and Saturn in Transit as well as in Natal Chart. First give reply for this and we will discuss others at later


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Saturn, Jupiter transits and my Love Story
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Saturn, Jupiter transits and my Love Story
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to be frank and honest your horoscopes clearly show no long term relation.
none of your 2,7,11 significators match to her 2,7,11 sublords.

but couple of her significators match yours.

so only you are serious in heart to some extent. she is playing games


Saturn, Jupiter transits and my Love Story
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what is significators and sublord mean?


Saturn, Jupiter transits and my Love Story
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most of members who come here have some knowledge in old fashioned traditional astrology which is failing to give proper answers in modern world(that is why you still have how/why doubts as you expressd in other thread)

Try to learn astrology in modern way using krishnamurthi paddathi(K.P).
It has 7 readers(volumes) which describes all those words and clears your doubts.

If you are seriously interested in knowing it, buy 7 volumes (they cost less then 1500 rs)
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


Saturn, Jupiter transits and my Love Story
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there are many branches of astrology so i wanted to know which one to follow. ok now i will read this books but tell me is it in simple languages coz i have original lal kitab book but it dont understand even one line.  i am seriously interested in helping people so i have to learn astrology, palmistry, face reading and many more thing which can help me to make anybody \'s life  better.  


Saturn, Jupiter transits and my Love Story
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what seetaram said above is not a branch of astrology
its a modern method

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Saturn, Jupiter transits and my Love Story
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