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serious marital life problems
« on: November 13, 2010, 01:34:13 AM »

 dear members plz help me, i am in worst phase of my life.
i amd my husband lived happily for 1 and half year. there troubles started when my mother in law visited us in USa then she send me back to india without any reason seperates from my husband. and now also she is playing dramas in such a way that i did a mistake but she did all this and seperate us . my husband also trust his mother blindly. and now i came to conclusion that i will take divorce from him. which not my wish but i have to opt for that there is no choice. but now he said he wants me and now also he is not speaking to freely and putting too many conditions that i have to sign a paper that if anything happens to me he is not responsible for that. i m in such a situation that i m not able to come to a decision.

plz tell me is there divorce is indicated in my chart or my husband chart?

can i have happy and peaceful marital life in future?

can i go to usa and settle down there in near future?

my dob:2 march 1983 3:37pm ponnur ap
my husband:30-august-1979 2am guntur ap
my marriage time:dec 2 nd 2007 9:04pm guntur
plz its very urgent could u plz help me in this regard.

thank u very much in advance.


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serious marital life problems
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serious marital life problems
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there is no immediate solution
you just have bad/weak dasas between 2010-2012

these 3 years will be tough on you.

in 2nd half of 2011 you can try for divorce as both of you have 7th cusp sublord as mars which shows no harmony in near future.

both of you have 7th cusp sublord in dual sign and his chart shows willingness to divorce from 1st marriage


serious marital life problems
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this is why no astrologer shows interest in personal readings here
ppl come, post a question and when they get replied they dont even have courtesy to give feedback or even thank them

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