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Son profession
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Hello friends,

Lately we have atleast 5 to 6 pages of cricket predictions and not much of personal predictions.:-)

Friends today I seek and look out for help from your views

In the past in many posts I have expressed that I was feeling home sick and wantto return back home ( usa to India)

But today as i write I am in same state as in 2009

my 9th house and 12 house lord focus on me living away from birth place.

in my 50's I may return back to Home ( india) is the prediction from experts from astrogle.

today's self fights are

My son who is 13 years old for this month on May 24th
DOB may 24th 2001
TOB 7:55 A.M
POB: Northcarolina USA

My son's horoscope also says he will be in foreign country again not sure what is foreign for him india or usa

today I seek experts views for my worries Please let me know.

past from few years my son wnats to become a doctor we thought it was just like that he says things will change

now he is in 7th grade and going to 8th grade and very focused and even at school he is extremely doing good in studies.

studying doctor in usa is a nightmare with my job trend of loosing job  every 6 months so Husband job is bread and butter.

should we as a family move back to india and study in india? even affording money to study doctor in india is not easy but at least we can pick and choose
collages to help with our money range if student is good study in non city collages etc.

should i move back now? or not is it that time to move back? Please help

My husband has found a job that he can work remotely from india but again it is a risk that we are thinking of taking it up.

not sure if he iwll be able to find another good paying job in india etc to support son's eduction etc.

may be I should ask my son that we may not be able to afford doctor studies for him? I hate to come to that conclusion.

Please help


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Son profession
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Son profession
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5-6 pages of cricket because people think it pays and it'll make them popular (not about popularity of a method)

Is it 2001 or 2002 ? (check your old posts) and which place of North Carolina.
Foreign means foreign to place of birth.
For you foreign is outside india, for him foreign is outside usa.
Let him study what he wants without worrying about horoscope in 8th grade
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


Son profession
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Thanks for your response Vrinchi, you are correct Vrinchi. Really feels so good about this personal relationship with this website. feels like I know many people from along time.
It is 2002

Raleigh in Northcarolina is his place of birth.

My jobs are always on and off meaning sometime I have job and some times I am out of work due to Moon and ketu in Career sector and I am some how have confident I can support his education in usa be it docter or lawyer etc.

again I feel a fear that what if I cannot support may be going back to india would have helped just a fear feeling as either way I like living in india so that adds to my guilt.

Honestly I am not much worried about his profession but be it anything I should be a proud parent to support my son's education.



Parenting Nature Vs Nurtuier and fate as in astrology
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Dear Friends,

My son who is now a pre-teen or perhaps a teenager. He is a very great kid. But he has a weakness for fantasy worldly looks. example he will go out of his comfort zone to make a frnd happy even if it hurts his image he does not give importance. so he is a easy prey for bad frndships.

I know his weakness and help him build a good character be a good person inside out and be humble  and live safely.

Will my parenting over take the astrology based on his planets Please advice.
HIs DOB is may 24th 2002 born at 7:55 USA EST  NOrthCarolina state

Please advice I am terrified if his weakness will be taken for a ride.
In science sometimes it is proven that Nature  or nurturer be it any thing Fate rule in one way or other.


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