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Success in Business
« on: April 15, 2010, 09:24:53 AM »
We are 2 Partners, started business of media on 19.03.2009.

We are getting very good enquiries but the same are not getting materialized into orders.

Kindly advice.

My DOB: 16.04.1982, Place : Bhilai (Chattisgarh), Time: 8:15 Am

My Partners DOB: 14.06.1973, Place : Matunga (Mumbai), Time: 2:30 PM


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Success in Business
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Success in Business
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guess have sun in meena rashi in the 12th house with mesha lagna.

saturn is transit 6th house continuing for next two years in kanyarashi opposite the natal sun in the 12th house impacting creativity, while sun is lord of the 5th creative house. saturn turns direct end May and could ease a bit. while bhagyesh jupiter will transit natal sun from early May and could be suggestive of foreign travels and high expenses. see that expenditure is productive as 12th is house of losses while saturn is in opposition.  rahu too is in the 9th house in transit suggesting foreign travels/change. ketu is in the 3rd house of initiative but being in gemini could be overanalytical in approach - paralysis by analysis perhaps.

with ketu in the 3rd and saturn in the 6th opposite sun, need to handle subordinates/employees better without conflict and separations.

see how things work out june onwards. see if you could get orders from hospitals/health services etc isolated nature of businesses or foreign tourism.

saturn moves to elevated libra two years later to the 7th house tularashi for business and things could be much better then.

could offer in the office camphor/karpoor aarti to durga mata enabling overcoming obstacles in business/fortune.

the next two years with saturn-sun opposition could be challenging. saturn as lord of 11th house of gains for mesha lagna is a badhaka - could offer 1.25 ltr til oil at shiva temple once on a saturday alongwith 1.25kg black uraddal and 1.25kg wheat, 1.25kg green moongdal and 1.25kg white til, faith permitting.

could offer a yellow shawl alongwith 1.25kg yellow chanadal at shirdisaibaba temple or dutta guru temple to seek jupiter\'s blessings.

mars is the lord of the lagna hence you could offer regular prayers to lord kartikeya and could offer 125gms kumkum at kartikeya temple once on a tuesday.

coming to your partner could have sun in vrishab in the 9th house with kanya lagna - kanya lagna represents trade and vrishab represents verbal creativity. sun is lord of the 12th house for losses, but could be good for foreign affairs.

mesh and kanya lagnas are shadasthak 6/8 from each other while vrishab/meen are sextile 3/11 to each other offering hidden support to each other covertly -

rahu is transiting the 8th house now for a year more and separative ketu is in the 2nd house for finances. jupiter would move to 7th house pisces early May and partnership quality may improve therefrom, watch what happens as jupiter is badhaka for kanya lagna. saturn is transiting the lagna while is lord of the 6th house impacting health perhaps, could ease after turning direct end May. saturn enters 2nd house of finances in elevated tula rashi after two years.

hence business could take good shape after two years, while the current time for two years is of challenges.

the costs of the above suggested offerings may be shared jointly or be done on business account for joint benefit in business partnership.

hope these preliminary observations based on the birth date details are of help,

wishing you well,



Success in Business
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Thanks for sparing your valuable time.


Success in Business
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your partner will get it materialised for your business in between may-june this yr
he/she has much better prospects of business than you right in coming months.
use your partner for all calls, meeting, transactions etc and you take care of backend work from may
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Success in Business
« Reply #4 on: May 28, 2010, 05:38:12 PM »
We are able to generate very good enquiries but the same are not getting converted into order in our media business, any remedy for getting success.
My DOB is 16/04/1982 (8:30 AM)

Thanks in anticipation of your valuable guidance & help.


Success in Business
« Reply #5 on: May 29, 2010, 05:03:10 PM »
be patient for one more month

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Success in Business
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Success in Business
« Reply #6 on: November 11, 2010, 12:58:00 PM »
We waited patiently all the while as suggested by you, but got very small success inspite of working hard. still we are lacking the kind of success which others in the same line usually get.

We really need your guidance \'coz we are able to generate good inquiries but are unable to convert it into orders.

Kindly guide us.




Success in Business
« Reply #7 on: November 11, 2010, 01:09:38 PM »
[rquote=4767&topic=708&author=kshantaram]guess have sun in meena rashi in the 12th house with mesha lagna.


thats wrong

on 14/april/84 at 2:30 pm its middle of vrishabh lagna

her current period of jupiter-venus will not be satisfactory between july 2009 - march 2012

after that jupiter-sun between april 2012 - feb 2013 will be good for business.

Also her partner is having bad transit of Sani till 2011 november.

After that period, both will do good in business

till then only occassional small profits will help them get along the time

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