Author Topic: Threats in Job at gulf  (Read 23419 times)


Threats in Job at gulf
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saturn is not going anywhere on 05 oct 2012.
you may be following western astrology (sayana method) which nobody follows here
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Threats in Job at gulf
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It's been a long time since I last wrote in, but have been following your Astro Predictions ardently and it never fails to open my eyes. I consider myself blessed to have found this site in 2011 when I was going through alot of inner turmoil in my life. Things have cooled off considerably for me, but I still feel I'm not 100% out of the woods since I'm still going through my Saturn Sade Sati till Nov 2014, but I feel that I have overcome the most difficult obstacles of the past 6 years.... whew, it was not easy.

I would like to add a bit more and tell you what took place since I last wrote on this page about my career where I was not getting my pay (this was till April 2012). In April/May 2012, just like you predicted, I got my outstanding salaries. In Dec 2012, my employment visa papers were put in place by my employer and the legal formalities were FINALLY done. I was so relieved. But Saturn was not done.... In Dec 2012, I found out about an affair and it broke me in to pieces. I found out through a very old letter which was hidden, but soon after that I also found out that the affair had happened many years ago and it was over. How strange that I had to find out about it NOW, but it did come out. I was devastated and even though it was over and done with, the pain was never less. The trust was broken. After 2 months of fighting and arguing about it, we patched things up as I put my children before me. They deserve to have both parents. They don't deserve any less in life, just because of mistakes committed by adults. It was hard but I have moved on now and has given us 1 more chance.

I am Taurus Lagna, Moon sign is Virgo and is currently going through my Jupiter Maha Dasha.

I would sincerely appreciate some insight in to my son's horoscope if anyone has the time to study it. I will post it seperately as this message already exceeds the word limit.

Bless you all!

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