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What is the way to success
« on: May 24, 2010, 01:20:48 PM »
Dear All,

I have seen success occasionally.
I had break in my studies, no support from parents, no Job, no Money not happy.
Can someone please tell me when will i get success in life, especially when will i get a job.
My details,

Date of Birth:04 Jan 1984
Time of Birth: 12:10 P.M
Place of Birth: Bangalore

Thank you


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What is the way to success
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What is the way to success
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everyone will tell you different ways to handling this:
donations, remedies, gemstones, yantras, mantras, meditations etc
but mind you, nothing will work for next 12.5 years atleast.

luckily some favourable transits this year and in coming 2-3 years will make u find something to survive till end of 2022

But everything will come to you slowly and after lots of hurdles
Even gods will listen to you only from 2023

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


What is the way to success
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Thank you Guruji, but for getting job because without job it is very difficult for me to live.


What is the way to success
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your sun would be in saggitarius - currently rahu transits sun in saggitarius and could impact your self-confidence and health.

guess sun is in the 4th house  and hence virgo lagna. hence sun is lord of the 12th house and a seperative planet leading to foreign lands perhaps seperating from the mother land - the current rahu over the sun could also intensify the process.

ketu is thus transit the 10th house gemini and being a seperative planet negates career prospects.

saturn is transit the ascendant virgo - while natal saturn could have been in scorpio in the 3rd house good for initiative - scorpio is secretive and sentimental, could impact relationships with brothers. saturn transit virgo could promote initiative now once he turns direct end May. saturn is lord of the 6th house for employment matters and hence being in the lagna could promote job prospects, although may need to be careful on health matters saturn being karaka for disease too.

jupiter-saturn are in oppositon in transit over the 1/7 axis and hence stress over job/vocation.

jupiter transits own pisces supportive of vocation/job while aspects the natal saturn karaka for employment placed in the 3rd house as well as making an elevated aspect to cancer in the 11th house of gains - may be something could work out jupiter mid-course sept-dec to hope so.

may suggest could visit ayyappa temple on tuesday evenings, offer a coconut, do pradakshina 9 times around the navagrahas there. could give karpoor arti daily morning, pray to mata durga. visit shirdisai temple on thursdays. could light til oil lamp in the evenings and may fast on saturday evenings. pray to lord ganapati regulary.

hope these preliminary observations help further,

wishing you well,



What is the way to success
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Thanks again
Sure will follow it from today itself.

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