Author Topic: Will I ever return back home?  (Read 31344 times)


Will I ever return back home?
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Thank you a million for replying Seetharamji!!!!!!!

Today I will think of you while praying to GOD.

not because you said to sell.
Only because you listened and replied to me. It really means a lot to me.
The whole world of my Family is against me as of today.
my brother seems to appear that he cannot help me sell this house.
I am rolling up my sleeves to sell I don't know how but will sell ASAP
God will help me and show way.
Thank you again seetharamji for lisening to me at this distressed hour of my life. Thank you for your reply.

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Will I ever return back home?
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Will I ever return back home?
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Yes finally I lived more than a time/months than I can ever think of "NOT" being homesick  anymore !!!!!Yes lately from a quite a long time I have not been home sick.

USA started to feel nice.

I started to think.
there is nothing like goal or what you like to do with life all that crap any more...

Just one should live life as either way we get what we are destined for.

I tried to the core of heaven to make changes in life but eventually started to realize I am at my best living and after all the struggle there was no need to make changes to life at first place. Okay what I learn from this is I was destined to be under suffering feeling to experience this to balance some karma.???

Learnt and highly knowledged astrologers here said I will shed all such feelings especially Seetharam who mentioned I will shed all such negative feeling in venues dasa Yes that came out true.

life long due to ketu I will have short term jobs

For living I will do business is the predictions

I have been having jobs for 3 months 6 months and a break for 3 months or 6 months :-)

well nothing business has turned myside.
But life is very happy enjoying time with God's grace

Now as allways I have said to myself to update to my dear friends here in astrogle so I am writing. Please say something about this post!
Thanks friends!


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