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Your guidance please... (about marriage)
« on: April 16, 2010, 12:38:27 PM »

In the past, when my sister was diagnosed with a severe disease, your guidance helped us a lot in facing the situation.

I need your help once again.

We are facing lots of hurdles in my brother\'s marriage.
His engagement is broken once. Now either we are not getting good proposals for him or they are not materialized.

Please suggest when his marriage is expected and how will be his married life. Please let us know if there is any remedy for the same.

His birth details:
DOB : 19-May-1981
Time : 9:40 PM
Place : Delhi

Thanks a lot in advance,


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Your guidance please... (about marriage)
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Your guidance please... (about marriage)
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he\'s having lot of interference in life through people around him and his own mind.
it wont settle down atleast till next year.
even after marriage he will have issues with his wife which cant be discused on public forum
his ketu dasa between 2004 - 2011 june will not give him peace
anyways marriage will not happen atleast for 1 year and better consult any astrologer you know personally and get some remedies done
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


Your guidance please... (about marriage)
« Reply #2 on: April 17, 2010, 09:25:51 AM »
Thanks Seetaram, for your analysis. Yes, due to interferences in his life, my brother is not able to take any personal decision on his own.

We have consulted one astrologer he has suggested topaz and ruby rings.  
Any other suggestion?



Your guidance please... (about marriage)
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Ms Aastha,

with the above birth details guess his sun is in the 11th house in taurus giving cancer ascendant. cancer is a watery sensitive sign. taurus gives creativity, sense of comfort, patience while the bull could get angry when provoked.

taurus is badhaka sign for the cancer ascendant and could have financial problems perhaps related to job/income and could have highly placed friends who could be a source of trouble for him rather i guess. he could be inclined for working with government/corporates but that may not be conducive really.

his natal saturn could have been in virgo the 3rd house which is good for initiative and
enterprise, while saturn is the lord of the 7th house for vocation. transit saturn is now moving towards the natal saturn in the 3rd and good now here and could cause major changes in life with new initiatives. let saturn turn direct end May. the last 3 yrs could have been tough with saturn in transit leo 2nd house of family and finances. saturn in virgo could give an engineering/technical career with meticulousness.

rahu is transit the 6th house for employment matters in fiery saggitarius, generally rahu in the 6th is considered good - being in saggitarius could have stressful competition/opponents/hurdles in the environment.

jupiter early May moves to own pisces in the 9th house for luck and could be now better for job/pilgrimage, while the jupiter-saturn opposition could cause some stress too in employment matters saturn being karaka for employment and jupiter lord of the 6th for employment. there could be some delay in the expected progress. jupiter mid-course sept-dec could be effective for luck.

jupiter aspects saturn lord of the 7th house for marriage and there could be a proposal from some close acquaintance/neighbours/relatives/friends/colleagues or so saturn of the 7th being in the 3rd house. thus guess some chance for marriage during sept-dec. however transit ketu is in the 12th house moksha sthana while ketu dasa and hence the chances could be lowered.
however could keep a watch for any worthwhile chance dealing suitably.

venus is karaka for marriage but badhaka as lord of the 11th - hence could offer 1.25kg white rice alongwith white embroidered chunri at lakshmi temple on a friday evening.

for saturn as lord of the 7th could please him lighting a til oil diya on saturday evenings in the pooja at home.

for rahu in fiery saggitarius in the 6th in order to overcome hurdles/opponents could give karpoor aarti to durgamata on wednesday evenings.

for ketu/ketu dasa could offer 1.25kg white til at ganapati temple on a tuesday and pray to lord ganapti regularly offering white til revadi prasad.

for blessings of jupiter offer yellow shawl to a saint of your faith or say shirdi sai baba/dutta guru. could light a ghee diya on thurdsay mornings.

for karka lagna saturn lord of 7th house is not conducive leading to moon-saturn opposition hence find a suitable match carefully with proper kundali milan from an expert family astrologer.
girl with lagna/moon in meen/mesh the 9th/10th signs could be more conducive perhaps. check for graha milan rather than only quick gun milan.

wait for jupiter to enter pisces early may and saturn to turn direct end May and things could gradually improve with better luck, job prospects etc although some challenge would continue.

saturn being also the 8th lord in the 3rd house need to be somewhat careful while driving vehicles preventing road accidents the coming two years, especially upto end May while saturn is retrograde. otherwise saturn in the 3rd is good for initiative while would also have the aspect of jupiter from the 9th house for one year from now.

astrology is my personal hobby and have attempted this much based on the minimum birth details as above. hope find the inputs useful someway for further reflections,

wishing well,



Your guidance please... (about marriage)
« Reply #4 on: April 20, 2010, 12:58:49 PM »
Hi Kram,

Thanks for your very detailed analysis. We will do the remedies suggested here. Yes, he was/is very much interested in government jobs. Tried for NDA also but every time stuck at the last stage :(

I have one more doubt as in his kundali, he has Sun, Mer and Ven in the same house.
Should he wear Ruby or Topaz because as per some readings these stones can effect negatively in such cases ?



Your guidance please... (about marriage)
« Reply #5 on: March 25, 2011, 12:59:21 PM »
Hi learned astrologers,

My brother wants to marry girl of different caste. But my family is against this marriage.
Is this marriage good for him? Do you see any major problem in their married life?
It would be great if you can look into their charts and suggest.

Boy\'s details:
DOB : 19-May-1981
Time : 9:40 PM
Place : New Delhi

Girl\'s details:
DOB : 1-Dec-1986
Time : 1:00 PM
Place : Almora

Thanks in advance,

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Your guidance please... (about marriage)
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Your guidance please... (about marriage)
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everyone in your family has a problem it seems.
why dont you meet some astrologer close to your place in person.
you don\'t follow rules of this forum and you dont get replies

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