Career- bad luck driving away good opportunities

Started by ashk16, October 02, 2017, 06:45:05 PM

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I have changed 5 jobs in 4 years and facing lot of problems in every job I had.......
After long time I got my first opportunity to go to client site for 2 months.... But my B1/B2 visa was rejected.
In my previous companies, almost all my colleagues got a chance to go abroad barring me....
I already have lot of loans....

My first visa date was 26th Sept 2017 and it got rejected.
My second visa date is on 12th October.

1) It would be great if someone can intimate if I will get the visa?
2) Apart from visa when can i expect financial relief?

My details:
Name: Ashish Kharche
Birthplace: Nagpur
Birth time: 23:51



Forgot to mention my birth date.

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Birth date: 16 Oct 1991
Time: 23:51
Birth place : Nagpur

As Seetaram Sir has mentioned, it is proving to be tough period. Since past one year, I was planning to do masters from US as my current job is creating lot of problems.

Got a good GRE score and admit in one of the top 30 colleges in world. Due to Corona, the masters plan seems under threat and I don't know, if I will be able to go. The situation in my current job is becoming tougher.

Will I be able to do masters? If not will I get job change?

These last 3 months have been very tough as office work is literally extending 14-15 hours a day and over weekends too. More than work it is the pressure being put by managers.

Thanks in advance.
Hoping someone to look at this by chance


Quote from: ashk16 on October 02, 2017, 06:45:05 PM
I already have lot of loans....

Apart from visa when can i expect financial relief?

Financial condition will be up and down for few more years. It will get worse during 2019-24.
Big positive changes will start from middle of 2025 and more from June 2026.
Visa this month is tough.
If planning marriage before 2026 june, there will be disputes and seperations.
Remedies are useless.. Just face it and these next few years will make you wise enough to face rest of life
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