Got offer in IBM but would like to do M.S in Abroad - which is better in future

Started by msrhprasad, December 17, 2019, 09:17:34 AM

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Many universities In developed countries like USA are shutting down. In India too university like ISB  facing tough situations which shows things are serious and similar to one and all (who are freshers). He only needs to keep giving interviews as many as he can and just get into if any of them clicks. But in the mean time the best thing every one needs to do is updating ourselves with new skills. These updating skills should be aligned to their Engineering majors  which could play the roll of "add on" to their future work environment. These kind of additional skills also give his profile an extra edge on par to others. Mastering these new skill will obviously keep him busy. Later he could give certification examinations on those skills. These certifications are valued by MNC's.


Hello vhk, thanks for your value suggestion, fortunately he got offer and joined 7th Sep'20 as Technical Client Support executive, the 1st three months are training and later 9 months under probationary period. i suggest him work in this present company min. 1 year to get Technical skills as well communications skills.

& more over final semester exams was completed in this month only, results are expected either in Nov or Dec'20. once he complete or clear all papers, there are opportunities in some Good MNC's like DELL  or Deloitte. 

Now seriously thinking is there any way to do MS Degree online from foreign universities.  few universities are offering, but don't know value of the degree.
while doing job, he would like to do MS online.

Thanks in advance,