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In deep trouble

Started by utkaarsh, February 28, 2014, 04:06:28 PM

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A cousin of mine :Currently he is going thru really bad time, also his habits and his friends group are not right, he is in depression and virtually on verge of suicide, also has not been supported by his family as well
Can please some one predict his future
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Star Dust

not much hope in future to recover.
his karma is too strong and is not helping him change; his future dasa (mars) from 2015 april would lead to more trouble, accidents, bankruptcy and all support withdrawn (including god)
sorry but cant write more as its all negative in his present and future
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Thanks, I understand, I can read between the lines but the only thing if you can refer is what remedies can we try like any yagnas to minimize , will sending him out of station away from Mumbai or any donations or any things to reduce effects


Your attempts (though will not be succesful) can at max push his grief for another 2 yrs. After that nothing can help.
Like Star Dust, i too don't see any solution


Ideally would not have posted on public forum 

Dear Seniors...

As mentioned by you , the situation is out of control ,
What is paining me so much is the helplessness , Everyone has taken back their support and for a valid reason, 
This person at 34 years age is not keen to stand up himself but only asking for help and that too continuously ,
since childhood his parents have pampered him saying he will get everything without any major effort,  he got into bad company to run into huge debts with out earning much and now parents have disowned him

Practically, I helped him multiple times  but now i have taken a call of not helping further due to an incident which I cannot accept,
I can feel the negativity in him but is it ok to leave him stranded, being an emotional elder i keep on criticizing myself up on this part

Would want a sincere opinion .......

God bless !!


@Utkaarsh...Tough transits not supporting him till 2022 after which Neptune transits his 10th house, which can give him somewhat better time.
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