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International project

Started by utkaarsh, April 01, 2019, 02:32:43 PM

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Respected Seniors

I might be travelling for a critical project to US for 10 days between 24 May - 15 July , have been asked the dates of my choice

Can you please suggest 2-3 options which can help in the success of this project ,
my first thought was 30 May - 9 June

My birth details
Birth Date/Time :   13 Sep 1979, 16:24
Birth Place    Mumbai

Moon sign : taurus , ascendant : capricon



You need to select a good date for travel.
Generally This method is used for everyone.
Here weekday is counted from sunrise till next sunrise.
After few dates are narrowed in, then the best one suitable to your personal chart is selected.
Then (if possible), best time to leave for airport is selected.
If you have lot of time gap between the selected time and flight time, then it is still okay to leave your house, wait for a while somewhere else and then go to airport.

27 May 2019, Monday - after sunrise and before 3pm you can travel.