Jobless and Visa Problems

Started by himakar.sai, August 20, 2018, 03:40:16 PM

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Good Evening,
I have been going through some tough life for the last three months.
In the month of June, I had to underwent a surgery, and I was asked to take a rest for three months.
I have recovered from the surgery, but my current employer has no vacant positions available at this time, and they advised me to wait till any positions come up.
I am currently jobless for the last three months and financial problems are shooting up slowly.
My visa is ending on 30th of August and I have completed my masters, so i need to file a work visa.
It will be really helpful, if any one can suggest me about when can I get a job and visa.

My birth details are-
TOB-1:30 AM

Thank you very much.


No matter how hard you try, Saturn in sagitttarius for another 17 months is not giving you easy life.
More complicated is Jupiter in scorpio


Thanks Niveditha garu for the reply.

Looks like visa and I have never ending relationship. I applied for my visa few days back which leads to the permanent residency, and unfortunately the government has stopped issuing that visa one day before I have launched it. It will be really grateful if any one can predict the outcome of the visa, as my current visa will expire in the next few weeks.

My details are as follows

Date of birth-26/03/1993
Horary number-11

Thank you very much