Need Naga Dosham Remedy

Started by nagesh_vejju, April 30, 2009, 03:38:44 PM

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Can any one explain about the Naga Dosham? and remedy/mantra to get rid of it.


naga dosha or sarpa dosha are one n same
its usually occured when lagna is aspected by rahu/ketu/mars or all 3 totally

or when all planets are influenced by mars

or when major bhavas like 1,5,7 etc are influenced by mars

remedy is worshipping MARS or visiting srikala hasti


try to recite subrahmanya mantra
u can recite it anywhere anytime but initiation has to be given by a guru who practicsed it many times

you can request Virinchi
he may guide you



Can you suggest in this regard.