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Lost job suddenly....

Started by msrhprasad, January 29, 2013, 01:38:53 PM

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Learned members,
Looking for your kind views, as
My wife who was working in lab (as chemist - water analysis) has lost job in last month. due to that project was completed. this was really un-expected.
Any better job chances in near future...?
31-1-1980 - 10-45a.m - Kavali - Andhra pradesh.


Very difficult to get a job now but very slim chances are there after march 2013.
However, more chances are there after october.


Dear Mr.Jay Tee.

Thank you.

sorry for late response.

some feed back my M.D\'s Husband was called me, for his new establishing branch in Delhi required persons me and my wife. (she will be as a lab chemist)...and i will be look after operations as He was promised me a lot...

But my previous experience with him, I could not...dare it...

For this I will have to leave present living place...

am in confusion...what should I do now...

kindly advise...


better not go now
wait for few months



she wants to join and get training, after completion of that SHE WANTED TO START HER OWN ....

she is interested in both i.e Embroidery and Beauty parlor... for this need to spend some huge amount as well min.six months time (training).

But only one she can able to do...kindly advise us which one is the beneficial to her in future...

Dob:31-1-1980  - 10.45a.m - Kavali - A.P

Looking for your kind advise,



yes. for her present dasa, she wont be getting comfortable job anyway for next 6 months.
So, if you can afford, go for training, else compromise and pick the job offered at some other city


Thank you Dear Varenya,
your words sound like she will get an offer in other city...that too after six months...? please let me clear on that
will be it some how better than previous terms of stability and salary...?


Dear Varenya,

after six months, there is a possibilities to get job in other city...
i would like to know will it be better than previous one..?



after august she will start earning again
but i would suggest getting trained for some independent profession rather than going for some job again