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Lost job suddenly....

Started by msrhprasad, January 29, 2013, 01:38:53 PM

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Thank U so much Dear Mr.Jay Tee.
for your kind response, in that case what i said in my previous message which is the better u said basically she likes to work independently...
She has two options (independent profession)...actually interested...
Embroidery ...
Beautician training...
to get a depth training min.6 months and need to spend some huge amount...

i would like to know, which is the most beneficial her in future in financial terms...(earnings)


let her chose what she wants.
she'll do better than she did in a job


Yes, she would like to do independent profession than job with fixed timings.
Thanks a lot.


Learned Members,

request for your kind views,
as i intimated / advise earlier,she took training as a Beautician and established a "Beauty parlor" in last year April'2014..but what a said thing is till date whatever, income comes it is going to pay worker salary, and shop rent... :-[
actually for training, and establishment we took finance..
so, over all till date no gain...only loss... :(, she is under much depression.

can't able to run without long she has to maintain with a days thinking to dispose shop with way..

Now i request you, will she expect any growth in her profession?  (shall we dispose the shop even its loss)
will she get any job? as i am trying a job for her in instant coffee factory as lab chemist(trainee)..

what should she do?

looking for your kind views,

Sincere regards


last month able to pay salary and rent hardly...but how long... :-[
is in confusion and  depression...
@ virinchi - requesting to your advise...


Dear Mr.Virinchi, Mr.Seeta ram jee,

Request for your valuable feedback reg. my career phase - like this...

Phase I –  1994 to 2002 – during this period was worked in office -  not much satisfactory, differences with colleagues, disputes,  lack of peace of mind.  (job changes in 1997/2000 and 2002).

Phase II – 2002 to till date – resident office – almost be a own boss – H.O is at somewhere, so no direct boss.  so I am my own boss this leads to no disputes, peace of mind, no differences...having few sub-ordinates.

Why I was suffered only when I was worked in the office?
I am somehow comfortable working in resident office since 2002 to till date.
can't maintain cordial relations with lady boss – at present also. And in 2001/02.
Succeeded in field works/visits  –  not much in office work.

Now am in confusion stage, should I choose my profession which is related to Independent resident office ...planning to do some related courses or searching for such related jobs...

Attended for job on 16th Oct'15 in the factory which is from distant place, of course till now no response.

How will be my rest of career will be, either working in office or factory or
will be continue in resident office with field visits?

27/2/1972  - 11-24a.m – Guntur – A.P
Request for  valuable feedback.



Requesteing and awaiting for your kind views...

latest up date is my friend says who has discussed yesterday with Director and G.M., today he told me in Nov 1st week, it will be finalized whether they offer job or not.

Now i am in tension, what will be going on?

once again requesting for your valuable views pls.


Dear Mr.Virinchi,
I am always thankful to you. once again its proved you are "MASTER" I can't say much more.
Sincere regards


I got new job, but I can't able to adjust in new one. due to some group politics. I feel I can't continue for long time in this new job.
Now I am in deep depression, what is my situation.
may i expect any other job offer? or can I able to do a small business? which kind of business?
request for your kind response,
My Dob:27/2/1972 - - Guntur - A.P


Dear Learnend Memebers,

at first i am v.much thankful to Mr.Virinchi, as well predicted, as he predicted i got the job in 1st week of June'16.

in ex.working company ( i worked till Dec-2015 was offered with  less salary) no way i accepted that offer. :(...due to this am suffering financial hurdles.

kindly let me know that near  future shall i get some better job? stability in career from which period or year may i expect? (without breaks)
as i applied for one job which is completely related to travels...but till now no. info from the employer.
Dob:27/02/1972  - 11.24a.m - guntur - Andhra Pradesh.

awaiting for your valuable views,