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Lost job suddenly....

Started by msrhprasad, January 29, 2013, 01:38:53 PM

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Some updated feed back,

today i attended interview, the job will completely field works in karnataka and andhra pradesh (related to water R.O unit).
they said that i will be informed after few days...

i am in now corner on the street,
shall i stay in present one or shift to new one?
in present one as per my knowledge there is no growth...but i do not know in future...last 3-4 years no growth in current job...
kindly advise me.
looking for your valuable views.


requesting response from learned members,

i didn't join the job which is  in chitradurga(karnataka) because of that i  hardly tried placement in cement factory,
but my bad fate, i can't able to get. just yesterday only i came to knew that.

i do not understand what is my situation now,  can i expect some stable job in future? or shall i do a small business? what is written on my fate?

Dob: 27/2/1972  - guntur A.P

once again requesting for reply from the learned members.


now a days i am getting offers with some influenced persons recommendation in some well established organizations.
initially getting positive response from the  employers., but in last minute i can't get the offer. actually i thought that i would get the offer,
i do not know why its happening to me  for every time. this year is one of the worst year in my life. in all ways disappointment. (including son progress in studies).
requested to the learned members pl. let me know that how long this worse situation i should face?
27-02-1972 - 11.24a.m - guntur.
awaiting for your views please.


No matter how hard you try, there's no job of your liking that can come across until 1st week of december.
Later, even if you get some job, you will lose it between april-july 2017.
Best is to start your own business by involving a close relative


Thank you so much  Bhavani for  kind response, v.good analization, actually its in mind since long time.
what i am thinking continue to do job for 5-6 years (till 2022-23), simultaneously start a small own business (with help of close one)
or after doing job 5-6 years start a a small own business.
please let me know that even after April - July'2017 may i expect a stable job?  and will i able to do business till my old age i mean till up to 60's.
what's my destiny?
awaiting for your kind response, once again thank you so much.


You are asking as if there are multiple choices. If someone says, business will not work, what will you do ? Is there a job ready ?
There is no option other than taking risk, or wait for new year to find another job that stays only for few weeks/months
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


thank you seetaram garu,
i got it your point, even if i joined a job it should be only for few weeks/months.
please let me know how will be my life my business life, shall i expect satisfactory results or results financially?
my elder son doing 1st year engineering, daughter 8th, so next 5-6 years i have to fulfill their education needs.     your views please.
sincere thanks


Sri.Sitaram garu, Bahavani  Learned Members,

As you well predicted situations making to me to start my own business, i have few options which are, (i would like to take some loan from Bank)
stationary with xerox  or
pooja samagri shop   or
Oils (cooking oils)
which is suits me?  and kindly let me know in which period(age) can i see  good financial growth in my life?  now i am running 45.

requesting  for your valuable advise please, to to go  further..


Dear Learned Members,
Seetaram ji and Bhavani ji,

In 1st week of Feb'17,  i was offered a job work (its like contract basis) the person who offered me, advised me present do job work after few months,
his new coffee factory which is going to start around Oct or Nov'17, then i will be placed as employee or will be given some small job work. (job or job work depends up on the situation at the time) what will be more possibility to happen? I would like to continue in job work(contract)...
looking for kind views please,


Request for reply Mr.Virinchi / Jaytee / Seetha Ram / Apparao Garu and Learned Members,
please do not delete this post....about My son.
I am worry about his poor performance in studies B.Tech 2nd year has back logs 5 subjects.
can expect he will clear all in four years? good period in both studies and job...
27/6/1999 - 1.30p.m - guntur - Andhra Pradesh.
Once again Thanks in advance.