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My Father

Started by tara, September 16, 2018, 01:01:21 AM

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Please give some advice
My father 83 yrs old dont knw time of birth, 1936 nov 3 rd born in karnataka
He is have great difficuilty for his house that he lives and all his asets are caught up in loan issues

He lives in a place now and since 1960"s in a hpuse.....

Please show some light will he be able to move to new place like bangalore with sons house or dayghter house or indepened or what ever....
I guess i want to know is thete a change of place for him in near future

He is cancer moon sign and leo sun sign i think....

Please forsee and tell if there is place change and will he start living peacfully mentally



He is not living in peace until early 2020.
You should worry about yourself rather than him now


Thank you Varenya

Absolutely correct My DOB is oct 12th 1971 TOB is 7:26 AM POB Is Bangalore
I am having terrible health issues .... It appears like I have been diagnosed with Rhomothoid Arthritis... still not sure what is going on.... I have been told some medication side effects ... or I do not know really if I have arthritics ... Doctor appointment on Nov 29th ....... I am in Venus dasa but why health issue is a bit shock to me.

Please kindly let me know why you indicated that I should worry about myself.

I feel very difficult to wake up in morning Life has become a burden

Please kindly show some light

I want to die with giving no burden to any one I started to feel very depressing at times feels very heavy life...
Please help how long will my stars in health problems is my life don is it all over for me ...
I am 47 yrs old...

Please kindly show some light.


Hope Time is a great blessing and a factor...

Turns out I do not have any health issues God's grace life has changed big time....

Sometimes mind is so powerful and that's the cure for all struggle

Thanks friends for listening