Please help, going through tough times, appreciated

Started by Castro, June 10, 2018, 12:44:03 PM

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Dear respected members,

Some of my family members have been very, very disrespectful. I've been neglected, emotionally bullied for the last one year by all of them. They do not want to listen to me and get to know me properly. They gossip behind my back so other people are disrespectful towards me. They've done mean things in the past too.

I've done nothing wrong, I'm very kind, I help out everyone, I've been respectful, polite towards them, done nothing wrong.

I don't understand, I've got a very good education(they know it), I'm earning well even without a job(got a side business which earns well), when I get an IT job I'll  earn way more. I've got a lot of good qualities. They think I'm being dishonest for some reason.

It's marriage time now and they just want me to fail and will spread false rumours behind my back so I fail, I lost my mom when I was young and uncle, aunts have a responsibility to help, but they will never help, I'm almost 29 and still nothing.

No matter how kind I am, how good my finances are, my family won't help and I'm not sure what will happen. I will have to search for my own.

I'm in moon mahadasha and rahu period will begin in July.

Will things get better please in the rahu period?

DOB: 28/06/1989
TOB: 11.28AM
POB: Birmingham, England

Thank you in advance


Anyone's analysis on next period after moon-mars period from July onwards would be greatly appreciated.


Moon Dasa is not much helpful in your life.
Jan 2017 - Jan 2027 is full of struggle. Also, Saturn and Jupiter transtits are not helpful until early 2020.
Moon-Rahu is somewhat better than ther antardasas.
You need to move out (in 2020) from that family and find your own way.
2023-25 will be better than recent past. Then again struggle during last 2 years of moon dasa.
Its better to get married after 35. Earlier attempts will fail. Infact moon dasa does not allow marriage too.
Mars dasa, followed by Rahu and Jupiter will be good. Especially mars during 2027-2034 will settle your life for long term.


Thank you Varenya, your analysis is very much appreciated.

I'm just wondering if the moon-mars swap could mitigate the negative effects of the whole dasa?

As I said, I will not struggle in my finances.