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Started by surajnayyar, October 08, 2015, 12:10:01 PM

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Seetaram has given you one last possible date range for this year. I think that period is somewhat better than what you had until last year for exams.
Regarding surgery, go for it before any planet goes retrograde (before 6th feb'2017).
Saturn can help you get married this year with great difficulty (Its not easy for you to find a girl.. rather its not easy for a girl to decide on you).
Career will improve from november (there will be some relief during feb-may too)


Leo Sir, first of all thanks a lot for your insights to my questions. If after 6th feb, I have to go for surgery. When will be the appropriate time ? and Marriage yoga will be next year as well ? Thanks sir..will be highly obliged if you could reply to these 2 questions.. thanks once again...
Tell Them I Came, But No One Answered And I Kept My Word !!!


Dear Seniors,

Kindly throw some light as to when(dates) I should go for Gallstone Surgery in June and July for success and good well being. Your urgent help shall be highly appreciated. My details are as follows :-

2:47 pm
Chingola, Zambia

Tell Them I Came, But No One Answered And I Kept My Word !!!


You dont have to post birth details everytime. If continuing in same topic, once posted is enough.
June-July not favoring speedy recovery with saturn and mars retrograde. Jupiter will also be retro till 10 july.
Mainly mars and saturn will delay your well being post surgery.
If you have option, postpone it to last week of november


Thank you so much Anoo ji for your reply. Will not be able to wait that much till November. Had discomfort from last few days(gas, acidity issues, nausea) so doctor advised to get it done asap as already I had postponed it for 1 year. Will be getting it done on 26th June. Hope everything goes fine.

Once again thanks for your time and efforts.

Tell Them I Came, But No One Answered And I Kept My Word !!!