When will I get my next job? please advice

Started by tara, January 31, 2014, 06:59:32 PM

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Dear Friends,
DOB October 12th 1971
Time of birth 7:26
Born in Bangalore
Living in USA
Above is my status, currently I am working in a company and in the same company there is an opening for which I am planning to apply and discuss with higher ups only hiccup is I am suppose to be in this current job for atleast a year which is the policy but since it is same internal team promotion I am having a gut feeling to apply and discus for this position.
Friends am I doing the right move will I get dejected and disappointed and humiliated OR will I obtain the success
Gurus Please advice if it is a right move or not. as if I don't discuss I am still okay with current position but just for growth purpose I wnatto discuss and the promotion job is same job as my previous job which the company knows meaning 7 months back I took a step down and accepted this job.
Please gurus Advice.


Job ? I dont see you continuing there in 2nd half of 2014.
You'll take a break temporarily due to some health issue(?)

Anyways, if you still want to try, do it after 1st week of march
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Thanks Virinchi  for the response. I ended up not applying I am pregnant so may be I may take a break or something very much possible :-)  I hope I will not quite the  job as such.


When you're pregnant, you have to take break for few months.
Maybe that is what Virinchi is indicating when he said about a break temporarily due to some health issue
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Thank you Seetaram and Vrinchi, In fact not for pregnancy or health reason as your guess I gave a notice and this week is my last week at this work place. I had to give 2 weeks notice due to some politics at work.
Now from next week I will be out of job and pregenent. I am in surka dasa and why so much low life phase.... is what comes to my mind. No health insurance from my existing company from next week.
Please Seetharam and Vrinchi I wanted to understand what is the planet effect that has caused this great loss for me please explain the dynamics in KP terminology. I am very interested to understand this concept.
Also Please advice will I get a job in near future or not or will I have to take a break for more time that I am think I can or I should. Health insurance is very important. Now I have to make changes and join my husband's insurance. Please reply the dynamics of the planets position why this has happened and please give some light on when I will be able to be back to work. At any cost I want to have this baby as I feel my mother will be born for me :-) A girl Baby!!!! my mom:-)


Hello Friends,
Again the search starts. I know I will be out of job for awhile due to my pregenency. but looking at my chart seetharam had mentioned I have a potential to start something on my own so far nothing has worked all ways has been a failures. working for others also are with on/off breaks here and there..... Insurance kids education thoughts all fears me.... Please advice when will I get back on my feet.
DOB october 12th 1971, TOB=7:26A.M POB=Bangalore Karkataka Raasi, libra ascedent with venues dasa running
Vrinchi had mentioned I will have to have a bread in career which truely happend.
All predictions has come true thus far. Please advice when will I start with small job or some job or some business if at all I will start I may have potentail like seetharam says but will I have courage to implement is the fate ....feared with  much worries if I will set my life straight and manage pregenency well at the same time.
Please advice

Star Dust

are you bankrupt to worry more about job than precious pregnancy now ?
let yourself become free from duties of motherhood after delivery and then think of work

arrange your priorities.... if you worry too much about future money/work, your thoughts will effect child inside
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


Thanks for responding stardust. Yes job is equally important as job fetches medical insurance. Till today have not met the doctor been postponing. Due to medical insurance issues. I owe docter some money from my December visit. So good job plain insurance all matters. USA is not like India. When it comes to medical insurance. Only job can get you an medical insurance coverage that's is one of main reason I want to run away to home India. Well that's another part of fate.


Now that it happened as such that I had a long break as Vrinchi predicted been out of job since around Feb 2014.... had to face a down cycle in life Now I am in recovered mode getting back to normal. praying reading positive articles writing articles, exercise, long walks, quite mode, people interaction etc all has helped me get back to normal.
working towards emotion feeling as from learnt astrologers in this form's advice I do n know that my moon is a weaker side with emotional feelings .... now I know how to come over that as  I undestand the root cause as said by astrological explanation here in this form n multiple posts.
As seetharam prediction i have over come the returnng back to India crazy though. now realisez this is my home.
Can you please tell me when will I land up in my next job? I do understand this break is a long one as virinchi said I will not continue in 2nd half at my previous job. so any clue with around what time I should try hard to search for job? Please advice.


The website looks good and more welcoming .....

Please any input on this end will I not get a job till 2015? I hope I will get a job honestly not for money but more to get myself support with my own fights 2014 has been a very very bad and depressing year I have fought bravely enough!!!!!

Please any input on when i can expect a job pls share