When will I get my next job? please advice

Started by tara, January 31, 2014, 06:59:32 PM

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Thank you Seetharamji

Always feels a very Nice feeling to hear from you.

you really cannot imagine how much I think of you. I suffered with going back to birth country syndrome, your words really motivated me I use to read the posts and answers from my favourite learnt astrology gurus in this website,  but lately I just seem to memorized all those old posts :-)

I completely came out of the feeling of feeling miserable to return back home.
Astrology aside how can you predict the feelings a human go through is a admirable prediction.
Once again Thank you!!!

Now coming back to this post Yes you are correct, the prediction was I will not be working like a job basis but will have own business or family business that's where I started to think my career is going south  no job aside no skill to start any business also and no support from family to start business or i don't know nothing is coming to my mind just no career seen that made me think may be my birth time was incorrect or something as according to my birth time I should have good career in 1/3 of sukra dasa which is like 5 to 6 years in 20 years span.

2012 venues dasa started now its kind of 5th year running and no carrer path is seen from other posts I saw learnt astrologers prediction that birth time was in correct so I started to think may be mine is incorrect may be?



During 2018-19, you will get busy.
2017-18 is dull, however past oct'17 there will be some +ve change.
2020-25 is again slow.
Last 7 years of sukra dasa will show you sukra's real impact. (even if no job, you'll still feel satisfied with life)

Are you expecting someone to come up  and handover their business to you ?
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


Thank you for your response Seetharamji

I agree with you, Please No, I definitely ain't waiting for anyone to hand over any business nor business ideas to me.

It's an on-going battle with in myself I am yetto look far enough in the right direction your advice is a strength to me. Thank you once again.

Feels a relief that birth time is correct :-)


Hello Seetharamji,

Yes I have a made some steps wanted to keep you updated with my status.

My husband lost job with his panic we both were looking aggressively as we needed one job to survive no medical benefits etc appears like bad time in life...

With great difficulty back and forth I started a temprarory job which is 6 months contract it may go permanent but will never know.

While searching for job I also got another business job offer from one old elderly person, very down to earth and humble person. He has recently moved to my city and it happened I accidentally met him he is looking to start a jewelry store business which is a Pro in it, from the place where he moved from, meaning his all-time business was jewelry business. I am very much interested in joining and working for this elderly person new shop.

But I just started this 6 month contract as a job which is all day schedule which is the only income as of now as my husband is still looking for job and not gotten any offer yet.

This week  I am planning to accompany this elderly person to go visit the new shop to take for rent just a look for the new business place. He seems very nice person but very lonely, when I first met him he told me his son fought with him and got separated he is very old I think 72 or 82 years but very energetic. His wife is also upset with him at this age but I do not know the details.

Please say something astrologers after reading this.