My two Nieces Marriage

Started by tara, April 16, 2017, 04:02:12 AM

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Dear Friends,

I have 4 brothers and my 2nd and 3rd brother have kids who are ready to be married

Niece ONE November 30th 1989 born at 3:10 A.M in Danvengere Karnataka

Niece TWO 29th December 1989 born at 2:10 A.M in Bhadravathi Karnataka

Roughly they are over 26/ 27 years My both brothers have not seen even ONE Boy for marriage. Both the brothers are going through very tough time in their work/business

bothers are keep postponing by saying we will see boys for daughters in next 3 month and again next 3 months

Niece are very good looking and very well educated very sweet kids. But they have some adamant attitude to get married grandly etc. My brothers are not in that stage due to other financial issues. 

Please friends show some light and predict will they both get married this year 2017 or in 2018.



If their families are in India, let them find an astrologer and consult personally.
Few secrets are better (especially about unmarried women) are better not discussed in a public forum.
Remember, this forum (or any online astro forum) is not a solution for all problems. Better use this platform for those who are willing to solve their problem, but find situations against them and have no access to Indian astrologers near their place.

1. nov'1989 : This lady will have a severe health or psychological problem during Jan'2020 - June'2022.
Most of the problem is in her mind.

2. dec'1989 : Nothing is happening before feb'2020
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


Thank you Seetharamji.

I agree with your comments. Yes, they all live in india and have access to astrologers but my brother and sister-inlaw has not shown interest in searching the boy nor asking  for when will
marriage happen. Kids are very frustrated. Infact  my sisters and myself are looking around  for a suitable boy, but both brothers are asking us to wait for few more months when ever we start this topic they both say wait.

Nov '1989 will she not get married.....
Dec '1989 2020 She will be 30 yrs old :-(

Thanks again for the prediction. It prepare them to be strong.


Dear Seetharamji,

Happy Happy Good news

It turned out Nov 89 niece is in love with a boy classmate, very very good family and good educated boy. Boy family is 10 times rich than us.
talks are going on in the family. it was a surprise for all of us. Niece never told us about this before.
boy is other caste than us.

Boy's father is not interested in fact boy family is not interested Only boy is interested. They are joint family.

Please any advice tell us. Boy's father already telling this girl Nov 89 will not adjust in joint family etc.

Please any advice.



Hello Friends,Seetharaji

I just wanted to update my niece wedding is fixed this august is engagement and Nov/dec is wedding.

There is a happy moments in the family.

Family is having a big concern with my brother, sister-in-law and the niece who is getting married as my brother modified the horoscope of my niece and gave to boy family. The niece born on Nov 30th is moola nakshathra which is as said to my understanding is not very great so they modified to a level to avoid the moola nakashatra thing. The boy family is still thinking the modified is correct horoscope/date of time etc.

Is there any risk or consequences My brother is so adamant not to see an astrologer to do the real matching Brothe ris not sharing boy's horoscope as well  My father and family we are asked notto speak about this. We look at long life for boy and girl again Brother says love marriage no need to see horoscope. Please advice

Seetharamji Please advice. from astrology perspective is it okay not to consider horoscope matching if it is love marriage. Boy's family are very particular to see my niece horoscope that was the reason my brother niece and sister-law modified the details.

Any Input please tell. Atleast just a confirmation of no separation/divorce  will give a great peace of mind to family especially my father.