Wife's health is a big concern after delivery.

Started by Chirag Gupta, August 01, 2017, 11:26:16 AM

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Chirag Gupta

Respected seniors, my wife and i became parents on 2/7/17 AT 17:14 PM (ALIGARH). It was a cesarean delivery. While operation took more than 1 hour so we were worried about. After operation doctors told that there was some infection behind uretus which took extra time in operation. The condition of my wife did not improve as it should improve. The fever was continous. Later we consulted a physician on 20/7/17 and he did the urine test. And it was a severe infection in urine as per reports.
Later he started medication and after 1 week again went for test but the values of infection were same. On reports nothing improved. We later contacted and went for doc in delhi who did all the tests and mri and in MRI there is a lot of fluid present behind uretus which is discharging via urine and in MRI some presence of metallic particles also came.
Today we are again going to the doctors as all the reports have come yesterday itself.

Seniors, virinchi sir, seetaraman sir,varneya sir, sasirekha mam and many more. Kindly give some of your precious time as we are really very tensed and my wife is really very depressed and negative these days. Kindly guide what better could be done and i hope everything will be alright. She is on antibiaotics from last 30 days and nothing is changing. Kindly guide what is the exact problem behind it. I m sharing the birth details of my wife.
Thanks and regards.

Time- 18:21
Place- aligarh(u.p) coordinates close to 78.08E and 27.54N


Her health will be bad atleast till last week of this month. Later some recovery in next 2 months but not 100%.
There's 4.5 years more of struggle for her.
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The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !

Chirag Gupta

Thank you so much virinchi sir for your kind reply. Thank u sir for giving time. It means a lot. I hope nothing is too serious and hardtimes would go :)

Once again sir your words put a lot positive in me. We were so depressed from last 1 month. Can't even celebrate our lovely daughter's arrival to this world. But now i hope we will once my wifey get back to normal.