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Started by msrhprasad, March 22, 2013, 10:00:41 AM

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Dear Learned Members.

what is the exact meaning of Avadhuta..? and Sadguru? Difference between there two words?

Shirdi Sai,Akkalkot Maharaj,Nampally Baba,Ganapathi Sachidananda Swamy ....are known as Avadhuta's...

is there any fake ones...?
how to identify? real or fake? is there any ways?
some of them behave abnormal at some times(Shirdi Sai) but some of them behave normal(Ganapathy Sachidananda swamy)...why?

because in Ramplly..near to Keesara (there is a Ashram Nampally Baba) there A lady (Bengali) is living she is treated as a behavior is quite abnormal...jut like lunatic...she destroyed Lord Dattatreya Idol...which is the Ashram.

How can we understand this...?


prasad, i've seen your query about karma in other thread.
here your posts seem like you're into lot of confusion.
i would suggest you finish reading that book.
it has a chapter about behaviour of avadutha.
after that we can discuss

first we need to ask ourselves : why do we need a guru or avadutha
real avadutha is actually useless to human civilization
also read this topic


Varenya, I will discuss after study the book.
still i have some doubts, i will discuss later. :)


prasad, why do you need a sadguru or badguru now ?
A sanyasi can never guide a family man.
This worst culture of following beggars to attain peace has misguided indians for centuries.

If you want to follow, then chose a person who has set an example of attaining peace by leading family life.
Then you'll find live examples of instances and problems he faced and how he overcame them.


 ;D LOL.. you go to a beggar(monk) and ask for blessings to become rich.
you go to a god with 10 hands full of weapons, who killed 1000 demons and ask for peace or salvation.

that is how we're programmed and endup getting frustrated


what is my in tension is as i said in earlier message there is mandir (Lord Dattatrera) idol was there, occasionally i visit Mandir (Ramplally) perform poojas. :) or attending program mes in pleasant atmosphere but now...

suddenly the owner of Mandir, brought it a middle aged woman(as he believed she is avadhutha)...but that lady demolished Lord Datta Idol...of course making nonsense. >:(

So, all devotees are stopped to visit the Mandir, which is right now ugly... :'(

still he believes as she is ..... my doubt is If a real Avadhutahs did like this...?


i put order few books from Sri.Ramana Maharshi Ashram, expected to received by tomorrow...i.e Tripura Rahasyam etc., so excellent books...really great. :)
also going to buy a book from stall...Thank you Jay Tee... :)
Thanks to all members Virinch,Jay Tee and Varenya... :)


 :)Well, during the study of Tripura Rahasya...some doubts raised in my mind, i want to share with you...

1. Parashu Rama, he him self Lord Vishnu Avatar - why he was fell in Maya...i.e challenge Sri.Rama, defeated by him, shame,sorrow, then after again he get knowledge from Dattatreya....
2. Both Sri.Rama and Parasu Rama are Vishnu is strange one of this defeat another one....