How can we classify good / bad karma in such situations

Started by msrhprasad, March 09, 2011, 09:57:05 AM

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this is an old thread i guess started last year

times have really changed ... there is no good or bad karma .. what we do is what we get.. Not all people\'s journey in this world are same.. One person\'s loss is another person\'s profit.. it is like the survival of the fittest.. God has given talents to everyone .. it is time and distiny which picks them to live great or leaves them to suffer.. So it is better to trust our intuition.. (learning from mistakes) and having faith and belief in god... and confidence in our self and being always happy will make great changes.


well, learned members,  in many books,lectures, speeches I observed mainly 3 - 4 statements...which are

1. Every soul who takes birth on earth - should get enjoy karma (good or bad) - no one escape - including God - remedies like.. poojas / homas / visit piligrams / wearing stones...etc. gives only moral boost, mental satisfaction...even if you perform remedy for a problem, at that time you can avoid, but at some time in same birth in next birth you have to get it.  very few learned members like Virinchi...said this

2. By performing remedies - can reduce / nullify - our problems...remedies already quoted in above first point - now a days most of astrologers advice to the their clients.

3. Sincere Prayer - to pray God Sincere / whole hear ted - God can remove our sin - Eg.Baktha Markandeya....but now a days is it possible for us such a sincere devotion?

4. Donations - some version - do as much as punya karmas in this birth - result in next birth you will be in rich or enjoy life...

your views reg. learned members...