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is every soul has its own identity

Started by msrhprasad, January 21, 2020, 09:31:16 PM

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Some astrologers predicts about last and next birth...
it means every human's soul must has its own identity? is it true. ?like in physical world we have our names, designations etc.,
if we are struggling or enjoying pains or comforts from our last births karmas...why we can't  remember all these?
so many animals i.e street dogs dying on the roads, and dying due to lack of to they know their births due to their bad karma?
so many elders who leave this world alone in old age Homes, though they have sons and daughters...Money etc.,some are bed ridden...all this due to their bad karma?


every soul has a book and it contains details of each birth that soul takes and what is it doing in oblivion (between lives) etc.
Book keepers are called by different names in different cultures.
karma has nothing like bad or good. Results of karma are relative (good or bad)