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Agar sansar Mithya hai...

Started by .Seeker., June 13, 2013, 07:04:18 PM

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Here's something that i have difficulty grasping....
It is said that Sansar Mithya hai ... sab moh maya hai....and in the same vein it's added ki sansar ke kan kan mein prabhu ka vaas hai.

Jab kan kan mein bhagwan base toh sansar mithya kaise?


there are 2 forms of god
1. niraakaar (no shape) which will be understood only when you stop worshipping idols, stop going to temples and look for 'paramatma' in everything and within yourself.
but this form cannot do creation.
so it formed a new shape by imposing few properties on itself

2. and that is saakaar (shaped).
this appears in the shape you desire/worship.
it along with you are within the 'maaya'

people who reached 1st stage will talk about mithya/maaya, but their % is very less.
others who are still struggling in stage 2, will fail to understand

worst part in hinduism is that every idiot wants to be a guru but nobody is ready to takeup responsibility to answer questions and guide people.
unless you cross 2nd stage completely, you wont understand 1st line


Yes Sasirekha I've also read that but as far as I've been able to understand...
Nirakar (or Nirguna)- the thread of cosmic consciousness that binds us all.

Sakaar (or Saguna)- the form or the power of Divine that we are able to perceive each according to our ability.

Still both are aspects of the Consciousness or God...ergo it follows that both are true.

"Maya" is the source of our perception of world and attachments...which is illusory and false but then when the Sakaar form created the can it be false?

So is it that the Yogis mean to say that both are true but the real satisfaction,the real nourishment for the soul comes from an ability to see through the illusions to be in harmony with the Nirakar.