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Oversoul Families

Started by Star Dust, May 10, 2009, 10:49:43 AM

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Star Dust

Most people think in terms of linear logic because this is the way they are trained. Linear logic means that if you do ââ,¬Å"xââ,¬Â then ââ,¬Å"yââ,¬Â will follow. For example, if you study hard in school (x) then you will get good grades (y). Or, if you put a pot of water on a hot burner (x) then the water will eventually boil. The world is full of such neat and precise logical situations, always moving you from Point A to Point B to Point C and so forth, in a straight ââ,¬Å"linearââ,¬Â line.

There are numerous books designed to teach you how to think using linear logic. The entire educational system enforces linear logic. The more education you have the more linear logic is expected of you. After all, how can you function unless you can project what effect ââ,¬Å"xââ,¬Â will have on ââ,¬Å"yââ,¬Â?

Studying linear logic (x) affects you by narrowing your focus away from multidimensional logic (y) ââ,¬â€œ another brilliant and well-implemented plan to keep you away from the capabilities of your true self. Because you are so accustomed to thinking linearly, thinking in multidimensional logic, which is your natural state, becomes a challenge.

Always remember that you are a microcosm of the macrocosm, and as such, whatever is within God-Mind is within you. God-Mind does not ââ,¬Å"thinkââ,¬Â in linear terms. This is why events in your life appear to happen haphazardly. From a linear logical standpoint, there is no order, only chaos.

To truly understand the scenario of life, one must move into the True Nature of True Reality, which does not run in a straight line from Point A to Point B to Point C. This is why you can plan and plan, and plan some more, yet what you think is going to happen never happens, or happens in a completely different way than you ever imagined. This is because you live in a linear box.

True geniuses always think ââ,¬Å"outside the boxââ,¬Â ââ,¬â€œ the linear box, that is. True geniuses do not let the constraints of the educational system box them in. They constantly daydream and allow their minds to wander into the world of ââ,¬Å"what ifââ,¬Â without limitations. They get off the linear line. True greats are often described as ââ,¬Å"they did it their own wayââ,¬Â or ââ,¬Å"they had their own styleââ,¬Â or even, ââ,¬Å"they were completely self-taught.ââ,¬Â

When you put your requests out to your Oversoul and God-Mind, sometimes it appears that your requests are denied or not even heard. This is because once you do this, you create a picture in your own mind of how and when your request will be answered. In True Reality, as soon as you make the request there is an answer, but most of the time you do not recognize it.

If you request a beautiful new car but do not know how to drive, manifesting one immediately might not be the most appropriate action for you at the moment. Maybe your personality is rash and would not properly handle the responsibility of piloting a mass of steel down the highway. Maybe your personality would need some adjustments before you could even deal with a driving instructor. Maybe your area does not have proper roads. Or, maybe the roads you have will soon be under construction, but you do not know this yet.

Maybe if you have a car too soon, someone might get hurt. Maybe ââ,¬Å"your carââ,¬Â is not ready for you yetââ,¬â€the correct frequency of your vehicle is extremely important since your car is an outpicturing of you. This list of ââ,¬Å"maybesââ,¬Â can go on and on, and ââ,¬Å"maybeââ,¬Â all of the above describes you! So, before the car manifests, you have a lot to get in order.

Yet, the impatient you might not recognize the ââ,¬Å"maybesââ,¬Â. You might think ââ,¬Å"I want one nowââ,¬Â and ââ,¬Å"No one is listening.ââ,¬Â Maybe someone is listening, but sees the dangers in immediate manifestation and prefers to get you in order first so that when the time comes you can handle the responsibility and all that comes with owning a car.

So, instead of driving your beautiful sleek car that you envision, life becomes more challenging and complicated. Unbeknownst to you, these are the challenges that make you ready for the correct car at the correct time. You become frustrated that ââ,¬Å"nothing is happeningââ,¬Â and your mood swings run from ranting and raving to feeling sorry for yourself.

All the while, your Oversoul and God-Mind are doing everything in their power to get you to the point where you can have your car. But because you did not recognize these steps to getting there, you feel let down and denied. The linear logic of your mind already sets up the path of how and when your car is arriving. Since this is not happening, obviously something is wrongââ,¬â€with you, the system, your Oversoul/God-Mind connections, etc. Frustration builds and eventually you give up.

Once you give up and stop trying to direct the action, your Oversoul and God-Mind can work more quickly and efficiently. You may still see the challenges as overwhelming and defeating. You may choose to beat yourself up, or you may greet the challenges as you conclude that you have no choice anyway.

God-Mind is much too vast for anyone to grasp Its workings in Its entirety, yet people often feel frustrated with themselves for not understanding. Why is that? Accept the fact that God-Mind has an entirely different set of logic than the system in which you are trained.

Release your linear logic, and embrace your True Nature of multidimensional God-Mind logic. Understand that you may not always understand the whyââ,¬â,,¢s and howââ,¬â,,¢s of your life until the event is complete and you are able to look back, study, and release. This is how you remember and re-embrace your multidimensional selfââ,¬â€through experiential learning. How can one really teach you about something that you must experience?

If you have closed yourself off to your True Nature, then your True Nature must be re-opened, and re-learned, or re-membered so that you can get back into the True Nature of Self. You can learn to look, plan, and dream beyond linear logic. You can visualize ââ,¬Å"wild and crazyââ,¬Â scenarios without limitations and then allow them to happen rather than squeeze them out by trying to force a linear, logical series of events your way.

Remember, you can force your way, but that does not mean this brings the best results. By doing so you squeeze out what your Oversoul and God-Mind have planned for you. Your proactive participation in your multidimensional self allows for the macrocosm to become more fully functional in Its way once again. Why set your life up so that It must fight you to give you what you want? How crazy of a system is this that you have studied and accepted?

God-Mind Logic is definitely not linear logic; God-Mind contains linear logic, but also contains a multitude of other kinds of logic that are an important part of the functioning of all realities ââ,¬â€œ including your current one!
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


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The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


it was hard to understand initially
but as i read it was hard to believe

now i can see why few people are different in this world

as someone said it true :

Few make this world, other follow


i agree :) its hard to make others understand about this
"As far as I'm concerned, I prefer silent vice to ostentatious virtue." - Albert Einstein 

pravin kumar

many people who believe that the world they see is reality will never agree to this


Just as God-Mind is infinite, there are an infinite number of Oversouls. All Oversouls exist for the purpose of God-Mind exploring Itself. As part of the exploration process, some Oversouls choose to outpicture a part of themselves into this physical reality.

Because each Oversoul in existence represents a different aspect of God-Mind, each one outpictures something different. No two Oversouls outpicture the same thing. For example, one Oversoul outpictures the Plant Kingdom, one outpictures the Mineral Kingdom, one outpictures the Animal Kingdom, etc. Descending out of these Oversouls in hierarchal form, are more Oversouls for specific species.

The Animal Kingdom Oversoul, for example, outpictures every variety of animal that can possibly exist within this reality. Each animal is innately connected to its own species Oversoul. Each animal has perfect Oversoul communication. Each one knows by knowing exactly what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Because it would be foolish for a flock of birds to try to function like a colony of ants, or a herd of elephants, each communicates primarily with its own appropriate Oversoul.

Each animal species is one Oversoul Family because each member began their Original Descent out of God-Mind together. Robins, for example, all belong to the same Oversoul Family. After their descent from God-Mind, they descended through the Animal Kingdom Oversoul, then through the Bird Oversoul, and finally through the Robin Oversoul into this reality. Each robin has a place within its Oversoul Family that is outpictured here in this reality. Each one plays a different part but is equally important to the whole. No one robin is more or less important than another. The robins have a 100% robin body whose genetics support the robin frequency, thus facilitating ease of Oversoul communication.

If a robin breeds with a seagull, there would be two frequencies functioning in one physical body. If the robin/seagull then breeds with a pheasant, three frequencies would exist within one physical body. If this continues, finding a 100% robin body in which to incarnate would be almost impossible. The robins would have to incarnate in bodies of mixed frequencies.

A body of mixed frequencies creates confusion for the robin. Now, it cannot communicate as easily with its Oversoul of origin, as it is also connected to other Oversoul frequencies as well. The other genetics block the robin’s easy access. Without awareness, the robin may not know if it is a robin, seagull, or pheasant. To connect with the robin Oversoul, it must surpass the seagull and pheasant frequencies, as well as any additional ones. Now, it does not “know by knowing� exactly what to do, when to do it, where to do it, and how to accomplish it because it is no longer in perfect alignment with its Oversoul, or the hierarchy from which it originally descended out of God-Mind.

On the other hand, the robin now has easier access to the Seagull and Pheasant frequencies through the body’s genetics. But ultimately, for the robin to be in total harmony with its original Oversoul Family, it needs to be in a body created from 100% robin genetics. This is the purest outpicturing of its Oversoul Family.

All humans have similar descents out of God-Mind. On your descent, you are a part of a specific energy stream that eventually chooses to outpicture itself in this reality. The soul-personalities who are a part of this energy stream are your Original Oversoul Family. Within your Oversoul Family, you all existed in perfect harmony in a state of perfect communication, not only with your Oversoul, but also with each other. Each member of the group has a function like no other, but each one is equally important to the whole.

Because of genetic manipulation, you have lost touch with the others that originated through your Oversoul lineage. Like the robin, a mixed genetic heritage is a deterrent to perfect alignment and communication with your own Oversoul.

When the human race was created of mixed alien genetics, this ensured that people could not operate and function in perfect harmony with their Oversoul or with each other. And, with a Reptilian brain stem, humans as they currently exist, will always have at least two genetic frequencies. Simply put, genetic engineering has taken place so that soul-personalities have no choice but to wear clothes (bodies) that do not match.

In addition to the original mixing of genetics, humans breed without thought of genetic lineage. As frequencies are continually mixed, it is no wonder that it is increasingly difficult for people to feel connected to their source. They are searching their genetic frequencies for the one that will match their point of origin. This is one of the reasons why Oversoul Families have difficulty finding and recognizing each other.

If people were procreating according to the best frequency match, it would be easier for every generation to naturally improve and adapt. However, most procreation is left to “chance and circumstance� so that the highest receptacles are not manufactured. Incoming soul-personalities must try to match to the “least uncomfortable clothing.� Once in the body, they are trapped by the genetics. Each soul-personality must first overcome the genetics before it is possible to even begin discovering their own frequency, much less that of their Oversoul and Oversoul Family.

The powers-that-be match specifically programmed people with other specifically programmed people in a gigantic genetic experiment, knowing that specific body genetics will attract specific soul-personalities, creating genetic prisons. This is another way that humans are easily led away from their original frequencies. The powers-that-be play with souls and soul-energy of humans just as scientists play with the genetics of the plant and animal kingdoms. Even though people are told that science is breeding plants and animals to upgrade them, they do so without consulting the involved Oversouls. They mix and match genetics, and thus, frequencies.

The more closely that the people can stay connected to their Oversoul and Oversoul Family, the easier it is for them to know by knowing what to do, how to do it, and where to do it, as evidenced by the unexploited Oversoul Families of Nature.

So, what can you do? Whatever your genetics, you can utilize the ones which do not contain your original frequency to your advantage. Then, with the power of your mind, call forth your Original Oversoul Family.

As the members of your Original Oversoul Family gather, everyone resonates in the Original Frequency, and thus the Original Mind-Pattern. Physically being together further reinforces and strengthens the Original Mind-Pattern, bringing everyone closer to perfect communication with their source and with each other. Everyone is part of the whole. Everyone plays a different role, Everyone is equally important


this is extraordinary stuff