Temples sanctity - Commercial Centres

Started by msrhprasad, May 19, 2013, 06:19:15 PM

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Just i have returned from Bhadrachalam...well few things i observed, may god excuse me...for this.
Temples are become just Business Centers...
A normal or ordinary person can't visit the Lord very nearly...if we pay sum 500/- for few min.we can see the God closely.
Tirumala Balaji is rich men God...
In Srisailam - now a days if we pay 1000/- we can touch shiva linga for 2-3 seconds...only other wise from 10-15 feet distance we have to see the god.

This is my personnel opinion if we have highly influence or full of money then we can get a very good Darshan any where other wise...the Temple staff treat like street dogs... >:(

Who are the cause for this?
What God is doing for this?
God knows or not all this?
To get God Blessings we should visit Temple with thousand of money...? if i don't have what is my position?
rich persons are performing Big poojas by spending lakhs of money, only they get punya, normal people  can't do all this...

By seeing all this some this, some thing i can't under stand...God Actually instructed us to visit his temples...by spending huge amt...why?

In front of God Pandit(Poojari) collecting the money, if we give 500/- we can get swamy flowers,prasadha and blessings...etc.. ;D other wise...


After all this,
why should we visit temples?
if we do not what God will do?

Note: i think you also get experience, if we have strong recommendation or money then directly we can get Darshan, by the same time other normal devotees are standing in the Q   hours by hours....with child...and aged people...

why God encourage all this...?



Naturally every devotee wish to see the God very nearly, if possible to touch the Good Feet as well offer some flower etc., is it wrong to think like this?

In other religions this kind of nonsense is not there?  Grading of the people...

as Elders and Books says - if we visit temples and certain places our wishes are fulfill...okay but how could it possible for a normal person...

Now a days it will take more than 20hrs to get Darshan Balaji in Tirumala - if you knew some influenced one in particular temple directly u get it or u can able to buy a seva ticket in 1-2 hrs U could get Darshan....


in my view majority temples are just super markets.
according to aagama sastra, you are not supposed to have vishnu(any avatar) and siva under one roof.
old temples had them in same compound but under different roofs or two different compounds opposite each other.

but now they mix sai baba (no yantra, so can be mixed anywhere) with ganapati, hanuman etc and make amusement park kinda temples where only collection in hundi is concentrated.

i personally prefer going to temples where there is no hundi (very rare in india) or where priests and temple authorities are not money minded, like few temples in karnataka, tamilnadu and kerala


well said JayTee... :)
So, such kind of temples can we expect in A.P... :(


Agree with you Prasad. temples have become commercial places only. From Dakshina which was paid for the wellfare of the structure and the pandits, has become a demand.
Why search for gods in only temples, when he leaves everywhere. May be just search for him in our hearts. Temples have magnetic energy and there is more energy in mass praying. But you can still get a lot of benefit by praying at home or other temples.


You are right shree...Group prayer at some peaceful place/home/some old temples...
will give positive energy / results us.
Gradually priests/poojaries grabbing money from the devotees.
Treatment depends on Dakshina...


temples are not really necessary for everyone.
as long as you're following dharma (which is highest and much beyond that these temples/priests/gods), you'll be protected and placed on right path.
temples are for those who cant pray systematically at home or if they're not sure about following dharma daily

temples were basically built and maintained purely for those who are busy in daily life and cannot meditate or pray at home on daily basis.
such ppl can visit temples with powerful yantras once in a while and get energized
Wanting to learn vast ranged Astrology only to predict few sport events is like Marrying only for Sex !

The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one !


Like Srigari(sringagiri) in Karnataka..am I right :)

even in A.P, i saw few temples like ...in East and West.G.districts...very old temples...no rush...very peaceful...with green surroundings... :D


in kaliyug, most powerful temples will remain unknown and free from crowd.
for example, the yantra at Sri kurmam (in srikakulam dist, AP) is said to be more powerful than the one in tirupati but it remains a rarely known temple.