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where and why did it start ?

Started by DCP, February 19, 2009, 11:52:43 AM

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i\'ve read a lot about karma and have also experienced it but still a doubt remains..
how and why did it start at all ?

Karma, unlike what some think of as \"reward or punishment,\" is the
opportunity to practice those characteristics or to experience the
opposite of the previous lifetime(s). In the latter case, for
instance, someone who killed needs to know what it feels like to be
killed; someone who was wealthy needs to live in impoverished
circumstances; someone who was a tyrannical leader needs to
experience what it\'s like to be oppressed. The result of balanced
experiencing is spiritual growth, or soul evolution, the incremental
steps in remembering our origins in Creator and returning to that

Prior to birth, a soul reviews its cumulative lifetimes and
chooses specific genetic and environmental circumstances that will
provide the opportunity to achieve balance, to grow spiritually. The
pre-birth agreements made by each soul and all principals who are
affected by that soul\'s life are designed for the spiritual growth of
all, and what is chosen by each is that individual soul\'s contract.
The souls who choose the \"harsh\" experiencing of deprivation and
hardships need other souls to provide those kinds of situations, and
the latter souls also benefit, balance-wise, from playing out
their \"heavy\" roles. However, many millennia ago in our linear time
concept (and linear time is only a concept) this \"win-win\"
arrangement got out of hand because after birth, we don\'t consciously
know what our souls chose and we make free will choices that aren\'t
in our contracts, so we need more and more lifetimes to balance the
previous ones. Life on Earth became like a merry-go-round that kept
spiraling downward until it reached the lowest part of third

Earth is a highly evolved soul with a planetary body, and
her karma is the collective karma of all her human residents.
Throughout the millennia that they kept treating each other and the
animal and plant kingdoms brutally, thus continually incurring the
need for more opportunities to overcome their imbalance, Earth\'s body
became correspondingly imbalanced. Her soul always was in the higher
vibrations as her body descended deeply into third density where
negativityââ,¬â€\"darkness \"ââ,¬â€thrives. She gave her light to sustain all of
her life forms until her body was nearly depleted and so out of
balance that her orbit became dangerously unstable; she had to decide
whether to let her body die or ask for help. She asked for help, and
God authorized spiritually, intellectually and technologically
advanced civilizations to respond to her request.

That brings us up to what\'s been happening for the past 60-
some yearsââ,¬â€those civilizations\' infusion of \"light\" saved Earth\'s
planetary life and now is exposing and transmuting the negativityââ,¬â€
\"darkness\"ââ,¬â€that so long had prevailed. Individuals who absorbed the
light started generating their own, thus the light on the planet has
been intensifying for over six decades. In this unique time on Earthââ,¬â€
in the universe!ââ,¬â€some souls agreed to fill the \"dark\" roles that
would conclude all third density karmic experiencing. They also
agreed that at a certain point, they would join the light (remember,
in light there is balance, the \"win-win\"); however, some of them
became so entrenched in their power and greed, that they knowingly
and willingly reneged on their agreement to join the light.

These \"dark\" ones are being exposed and their power is
increasingly diminishing, but balanceââ,¬â€the reconciliation of the dark
and the light, or, the positive and negative extremes of polarityââ,¬â€
hasn\'t yet been achieved as evident by the deception and corruption
still \"coming to light\" and the continued wars and other violence as
well as the unconscionable disparity between the \"haves\" and \"have
nots.\" But this reconciliationââ,¬â€ balanceââ,¬â€is happening as Earth is
ascending into the higher densities where the light is so intense
that darkness cannot co-exist.



it becomes easy once you start following it sincerely

Light Worker

All souls/spirits are energy connected to God/Source/One. This is 3-D School-House Earth/physical bodies. At one point we all chose to incarnate into a physical body to experience what that feels like and to gain from that experience. We can not do this in \'spirit\' form only. We chose what we thought we wanted before we arrived on our initial visit to earth. (Free will there and the veil was dropped, so we did not remember as soon as we entered the physical body.) Some of our lessons/choices were good and some not so good as we lived our life here. So back again on earth for more lessons/karma for balance.

All thought physical/spirit is generated from GodMind which we are all part of. We are all connected to Source/One. If you like drama, and you are an actor/producer then this is what you will create in your life. Lots of drama and little dramas. Not karma or a play. I do not know what the first thought was you ever created any more than I know what your first lifetime was here on earth. I know you are a wonderful astrologer and the emphesis is on karma good and bad. This is a small percent of who we are physically and spiritually. I hope this helps. . .
Lots of 'LOVE' . . . Linda

Star Dust

REALITY is that it didn\'t start, so it won\'t end either
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


WHY is not explained clearly here

Star Dust

try to read between the lines
if its not understood, that means you are not yet ready for it
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA