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2020 - India's political predictions
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1. Nitish Kumar, Mamata Banerjee in trouble. Will face stiff competition.
2. Key congress leader from Madhya Pradesh will jump into BJP.
3. Kejriwal loses 2020 assembly elections badly. But BJP has less chances to take full advantage of his loss.
4. TDP will struggle for existence in Andhra as they lose many municipal and local body elections too.
5. Chidambaram family continues in Jail.
6. Nityananda will be arrested.
7. India will successfully isolate Pakistan internationally. Imran Khan faces multiple humiliations.
8. BJP regains strength and Congress loses..
9. Bengal, Andhra, Karnataka, Uttarakhand can be hit by cyclones and floods.
10. Hyderabad growth will be parallel to Delhi (almost 2nd capital of India).
11. Kashmir will slowly move towards restoration of peace.
12. BJP goverment will push for Uniform Civil Code.
13. Banks will lose trust.
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India's political predictions
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