Andhra Pradesh State Horoscope and Future Astrology Predictions

Started by Apparao, September 07, 2014, 07:18:30 AM

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The ground-breaking ceremony for constructing the new capital of Andhra Pradesh will be held at 8.49 a.m. on June 6, 2015.


For that muhurtam at Amaravathi, Retrograde Saturn controls most of the important issues.
If i had a chance, i would suggest change of consulting astrologer for Chandrababu Naidu, as most of the muhurtams set recently are weak.
Only because NTR has consulted some knowledgeable person in 1982, TDP has got strong muhurtam and is still doing good in state.

AP formation date and time are not yet confirmed by state govt.
Lets see what they do on 2nd june !

Capital construction will have multiple obstacles, delays and over expenditure due to retro saturn.
However, major part of it will be completed when Scorpio transits Sagittarius (2017-2020)
All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire


Seetaram, I heard form someone that this muhurtham was set by Srikalahasti aasthana siddhanthi Sri Mulugu RamaLingeswara Vara Prasad. I don't know who set the others off late.

As name of Andhra Pradesh did not change, do we need to consider November 1st as AP formation day? 
AP Govt. is considering June 2nd as formation day with a new name.


1) The Telugu-speaking areas, i.e. Andhra State, was carved out of Madras State on 1 October 1953, with Kurnool as its capital city.

2) 1 November 1956, the States Reorganisation Act formed Andhra Pradesh by merging Andhra State with the Telugu-speaking areas of the already existing Hyderabad State. Hyderabad was made the capital of the new state.

3) The new state of Telangana came into existence on 2 June 2014 after approval from the President of India.

Seniors, which date you think we need to consider for Andhra Pradesh?

I am thinking it is 1st November 1956 as the name Andhra Pradesh formed then.

Sai Sai

Special Status to Andhra Pradesh

There is a State wise bandh call on Aug 11th 2015 (tuesday) in Andhra Pradesh by the CPI and CPM to exert pressure on the Centre to grant special status to Andhra Pradesh.
Almost the entire Opposition, including the YSRC and the Congress, students' organisations and special committees have decided to support Tuesday's state-wide bandh.

Will Central Govt. give Andhra Pradesh State a Special Status ?

or Will Central Govt. do any other help to build new capital city for Andhra Pradesh ?



AP cant get special status but Modi might just announce some schemes on 22 Oct 2015.
Lack of funds, pressure to build capital quickly, nuisance opposition, casteism, corruption will effect Naidu badly from early 2016 as Jupiter joins Rahu.
Once he crosses 2016, he will be back on track


Respected senior members, with the incarnation of new capital Amaravati, will Vijayawada loose its own identity?


They're using Amaravati as spelling for capital (not as Amaravathi village).
Also muhurtham of 12:35-12:43 pm is not that good. CBN should first change his personal astro advisor


As long as they write 'AMARAVATHI', its okay. If they miss the 'H', then trouble starts in real estate and investments.
Only number 31, with 'H' will lead to quicker and long term development


As soon as it was named 'Amaravati' (without H), issues started and few idiots are talking about seperate Rayalaseema.
TDP is repeating their mistake of concentrating on Hyderabad development and ignoring other cities.
Also only one community is actvely involved in real estate mafia around new capital.

However, TDP's horoscope is good from summer of 2018, so they should manage one more term