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China horoscope and future

Started by Light Worker, October 07, 2009, 11:28:40 PM

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Light Worker

According Astrology, Communist China's Birth date,1 Oct.1949 at 15:01:36 hours, Capricorn Ascendant with Moon in the 1st Pad of Sravana at the time of birth, which assures him all round development and success until 2019.

Lots of 'LOVE' . . . Linda


china can be next USSR but it wont be able to dominate USA.
unless USA collapses by itself


biggest advantage of china is their language and culture which russians didnt have much
but communism always failed in long run


Economically its very tough time for USA till 2012, there is possibility that they may crumble. Economic situation in USA is not improving there as yet , there market has shown some upper trend because of rise in financial sector, but as long as Real state and fmcg  would not strenghten there economy is in danger.Presently, Real State and Fmcg sector  is going down further there which is base of any economy.
Financial sector cannot help them for long it would also fall sooner than later.


By the way you may say China is already a super power, and they are improving like a rocket, financially they are beating every other countries in the world.
The recession had been a boon for them.


maybe the thread means china will dominate or equal USA, like USSR did few years back
but i dont thats possible


China is actually dominating the world economy right now ... they have left US behind...
its just matter of time world will recognize that


certainly USA will lose much of its power in future for sure
countries with vast heritage and long history like china, india will emerge as stronger forces


recent terrorist attack in USA flight shows its security loopholes


china will be world no.1 soon
USA will go down for its own mistakes
dont know what mundane astrology suggests but looking at their human resource and development i can say this