Fake currency and 1000 rupee note withdrawl prediction came true

Started by JayTee, July 24, 2009, 11:46:47 AM

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on 26 May 2009 , it was written in this site that
Indian Government may introduce a new currency note in 2009 or withdraw a big currency note to handle blackmoney and circulation of fake currency bills.

News in main site on 26 may 2009

now since 2 days news in TV showing that fake currency racket was busted in mumbai and now all 1000 and 500 rupee notes were withdrawn from all major ATMS


All these fake currency printers are located in karachi, pakistan.
Indian govt. should do something to stop such activities first

They are not even able to release POK (Pak Occupied kashmir) since 45 years. Shame on congress govt


thats a great revelation by this site admin
i too saw that fake currency news on TV
thats why all ATMs giving only 100 bills
wonder how banks slept during all this circulation process


but how come banks itself are not clarified with fake/original notes??they are refilling atms with fake notes, how worse of them???

they cant be so irresponsible..

its shocking that in hyd itself a customer exchanged big amount of fake notes to original in a reputed bank..   :mad: :mad:


wow that was great revelation
but these days few ATMs are again circulating 500 bills though 1000 is totally withdrawn

Ravi Varma

this is excellent prediction by site admin
our useless govt. run by italian lady will never use such ancient , time tested science like astrology and take preventive measures before hand.
in good old golden days kings used to have professional astrologers to predict about calamities, wars etc and took preventive measures to protect people
this govt will not even react to weather forecast prediction of cyclone and think of compensations after people die

Ravi Varma

all is \'madame\' effect !
dawood ibrahim openly declared that now every indian has a 500 or 1000 rupee note printed by him.
we dont have time from saluting \'madam\'


to hell with madame !!!
how can menaka gandhi be different from sonia gandhi?

if sonia can become congress presdent because she\'s married to indira gandhi family, then why cant menaka gandhi do that being married much earlier into gandhi family and being wife of rajiv\'s elder brother


these fools are now more bothered about APPOINTING a.p\'s CM rather than concerning about other problems


they\'re again circulating 1000 rupee and 500 rupee notes and again fake currency entered market.
just issuing notices to vendors not to accept certain series of currency is not enough