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naxalites big problem

Started by vhk, April 08, 2010, 07:52:08 PM

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in between politiciens,rich people & naxalites the innocent military,police,families in villages are being affected very badly.all of you must hav seen the recent news about 75 crpf among 85 killed brutally & many more lives lost, any predictions of when this whole thing naxalite thing ends.:(:mad:

Ravi Varma

if you look at chattisgarh\'s horoscope based on its formation date 1st nov 2000, midnight, its cancer ascendant and sagittarius moon sign.
it has 3 major planets jup,sat,merc retrograde showing displeasure and dissatisfaction.
also has rahu in 12th sign showing lack of peace and development.
i dont think its venus dasha between 2004-2024 is benefic because i know the rule that venus if placed on constellation of a retrograde planet will make you weak and incapable of handling tough situations against opposition
(in personal charts it makes a person weak in bed)


if you look at this problem at national level, not just chattisgarh but andhra pradesh, orissa, bengal, bihar and madhya pradesh too suffering from naxalism.

india got independence on 15th aug 1947 at 00:00 hrs, delhi

its in kaalasarp yoga with all planets locked between rahu-ketu, which have locked lagna and 7th house.
4 planets in 3rd house (thinking and judgement) where 2 are combust(venus and saturn)
combination of sun and saturn in any chart shows disharmony or seperative nature between sun and father.

if we treat central govt as father and state govt as sons, we can clearly see many regional parties emerging in states and not co-operating much with national level development but bothering about themselves.

for ex: telangana issue in AP and Maratha feeling of Shivsena in Mumbai. They\'re more bothered about their own political interests than national level development.
If they had concern for growth of india as a united country, none would think of such regional divisions.
They\'re clearly violating constitution which says any indian can buy property, do business, do jobs and own a place in any part of india (jammu & kashmir exempted).

transits show a weak jupiter with only  2 points in ashtakavarga in aquarius right now.
situation will improve when jupiter moves into own sign pisces where it has 6 points and it will be transiting 11th house w.r.t lagna and 9th w.r.t moon sign of india.

right now Rahu is powerful in india\'s 8th house with 7 points showing now seperations of states legally before it crosses sagittarius.
However there\'s some possibility in 2011-12 when rahu transits india\'s 7th house and saturn aspects it.

coming to vimshottari dashas, india will run sun mahadasa till 2015 which is very good for its fame as controlling factors of sun are star lord mercury (2nd and 5th house lord) and sublord saturn (9th and 10th house lord)

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