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Fate and Future of Pakistan ?

Started by Samantha, May 07, 2009, 09:17:21 AM

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more will be exposed about pakistan\'s direct support to terrorists as jupiter transits pisces for 12 months


Dear All,

What do you think the fate of Pakistan, how long will the law of jungle would remain there?

any political, economical stability are you seeing by astrology?


pakistan is heading for much tougher times.
Country has to payback for all the sins committed by its rulers


Be open minded guys, no need to start hating Pakistan, there will always be good and bad people, not everyone in Pakistan is a bad person.


if you read post of sasirekha you will understand that she only commented on pakistan ex-rulers who worked under military and people are now suffering for sins committed by their rulers

its not against people but against presidents and military who misguide their own country


Why do the people have to suffer because of the sins of their leaders? That is injustice to be honest.

Star Dust

its people\'s mistake to accept such corrupt and dishonest leaders.
you either revolt or bear the effects.
anyway its written in fate and cannot be changed
In a day..when u dont come across any problems... you can be sure that you are traveling in wrong path - SWAMI VIVEKANANDA


a nation is made by its people .. the rulers are mere reperesentativs ... how can the fate be decided this way .. all countries suffer frm such prblems let alone our neighbouring nation ...maybe the end of dictatorship and corrupt practices open the doors of friendship in the long run .. there are always chances ...


Thanks for the explanation. What do you think of Imran Khan becoming a future leader of Pakistan? To me he is a courageous and noble person who would lead Pakistan to a better future, do you guys think he will ever make it to presidency?


pakistan has to change its system through a revolution like egypt did
old fashioned presidency and military rule only harmed them
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