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India's political predictions

Started by Anoo, December 26, 2010, 05:46:39 PM

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So we can expect a change in the Government very soon. But will it be a better one than this? Or the same old wine will remain in a different bottle? We gotta see that only.
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india will reach self sufficient stage in its moon dasa.
not a super power(that will never happen) but it wont be dependent on imports
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Only Modi can change the India.
Modi is the only person who can improve and make India the super power.

Will BJP win the election????


DMK with 18 Mp's has decided to pull out of the Govt. They will only rejoin if parliament passes a resolution against srilanka. So this looks like the beginning of the end for UPA.


already midterm(early) polls to indian loksabha are predicted.
In less than an year congress party will be wiped out
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India's moon dasa from 2015 will not be smooth as expected.
Because its moon is conjunct saturn,sun,mercury and venus in same sign.
moon is not a self illuminating planet and bends more towards behavior of its conjunct planets.
Especially if moon+saturn are in same house, it causes terrorism or internal revolts from different states against delhi.
India will witness wars (atleast 1 major war or multiple small wars due to moon on saturn star & sub)


As per Times of survey in 2014 Loksabha elections BJP will be established a Single Largest party... :)


India is going through Sun dasa between july 2009 - july 2015.
This is when demand for new states like gorkhaland, telangana, vidharbha etc picked up.
Mayawati even passed resolution in assembly to split UP into 4 pieces but even after that central govt rejected that proposal.
It was not even taken to parliament for discussion. Now UP CM Akhilesh Yadav is clearly opposing small states as he has seen poor economy and bad handling in states like uttarakhand, jharkhand, chattisgarh.

India will see a new state forming before 2014 july.
Transits are trying to create a situation.
Congress will definitely try to save itself by pushing states like AP into chaos before elections and ultimately pay the price for their politricks.
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BJP can retain Goa with great difficulty.
Uttarakhand, Manipur goes to INC.

BJP+SAD can face a setback in Punjab, where INC and AAP can do better than expected.

In UP, ruling party SP will lose maximum seats (courtesy : Saturn in Moola nakshatra ).
Opinion polls may indicate BJP coming into power, but i personally feel Mayawati is having stronger transits and unless BJP places a powerful candidate for CM seat, they cannot win.
If BJP places a dummy face for UP's CM chair and expects Modi wave to run, then it can fail and BSP can come into power

Ravi Varma

Who will BJP pick as presidential candidate for upcoming election (june-july)?
Will it be a neutral man with no political background (like Abdul Kalam) or a BJP/RSS man ?
Or will it be woman ?