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Freedom from Hypocrite's.

Started by vhk, October 06, 2021, 03:11:20 PM

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Most of you by now must have known the dangerous consequences of big tech companies like FB, Google, Amazon, Apple,...etc. Western palm oil companies burn down precious Indonesian forests, ADANI destroying Australian land in the name of mining. Few good people like Vandana shiva are fighting against giants like BILL GATES cruel intentions to destroy farming. GOOGLE monitors your every step which you take while carrying your smart phone, AMAZON keeps amassing the global data, APPLE deceives people by saying they work environment friendly but do the opposite and other companies follow the same and end up generating huge E-waste, FB (insta,whatap..) is the root cause for humanitarian crises in Ethiopia, FB also lead to bloodshed in Myanmar, create political chaos in 3rd world countries,...etc due to the way their system understand the posts and acts upon it. None of these business are environmental friendly, People friendly, no ethics and all such companies are purely existing and marching ahead only for profits.All these kind of companies collect data and sells to corporate giants, political leaders or business tycoons etc. PANDORA files has exposed 11.9  million files of hidden money by individuals around the globe. Why should millions suffer due to few greedy men's desires? Can someone throw some light on when such things will end or when FB,Alphabet(google's parent company), Adani, Billgates...etc will stop their act or What do the stars and planets say about when these companies will go bankrupt and close. Please do not say these are the pillars of kaliyuga and their existence is necessary for kaliyuga to end.


Thank you