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India War in September 2020

Started by orangeprince, September 06, 2020, 03:06:19 PM

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Read this prediction in Quora by Mandar Makrand Vaze (8 years in vedic Astrology)

Currently India is running through its Moon  :'(Mahadasha. Moon is lord of third house which denotes neighbouring countries. Now you can see there are 5 planets in Third house which indicates constant problems from neighbouring countries.

Taurus ascendant of India Shows that India is going to be clam, composed, stable and peace loving country.

Now let us look at the current transit.

From 16th August 2020 Mars is going to Transit from twelfth house of country. Aspecting third house which is Parakram Bhava. So it will increase some kind of aggression in our decision making.
Mars in Aries shall also aspect seventh house which is a house of War.
Jupiter who is lord of Eighth house is going to have a trine with Mars who is lord of twelfth house.
Saturn is currently Transiting from ninth house of the country. Which is actually good but Saturn is then aspected by Sun, mercury, Moon, Venus. This shall afflict Saturn and third house itself.
Now on 23rd Sept Rahu and ketu are changing their positions from Gemini to Taurus. This will create the Transit of Rahu over natal Rahu. And things will go out of control.
So by this time Rahu, Saturn and Mars would have make the country in War mode.
So actual breakout of war or heavy skirmish at border shall take place in last week of Sept 2020.
From 04th Oct 2020 the Mars will retrogate in Pieces and things will start settling down bit. But this is temporary.
On 24th December 2020 Mars shall again enter into Aries and starts aspecting seventh house. Now by this time Jupiter would have transited from Sagittarius to Capricorn which is it's deblited sign. Jupiter shall transit to Capricorn on 20th November 2020.
So after 24th December 2020 none of the planet shall be protecting from another devastation. So there is a fear that after 24th December we shall have to engage in more devastating situation.
This period shall roughly be there till March 2021.
There shall be six Planets placed in Ninth house of India in Capricorn sign. This will make enhancement in Parakrama bhava. As Sun, Jupiter, Lagnesh Venus shall aspect third house.
Now let us look at the Pakistan Horoscope.

Mars when transiting from Aries again look for seventh house. Which is a house of war.
Saturn aspecting fourth house from tenth house which is also getting aspected by Sun, Pluto. Originally Saturn in the kundali is week. So this Saturn transit shall create the problem for teritorial stability of Country.
Rahu is also transiting over second house which also shows some problems in house.
Pakistan is currently running through the Dasha of Venus which is Maraka planet.
Rahu Transit will proved to be disastrous for Pakistan. Earlier transit of Rahu from third house proved to be better. Even when India pounded bombs at Balakot, taken down F 16 still pakistan won the information war.
India and Pakistan has major difference of Lagna. India Taurus Lagna shall give the stability to India as it is a sthir Lagna. But Pakistan having Aries ascendant Pakistan will always try to be aggressive in nature but the ascendant is chara lagna. So it is movable sign. It further adds up to the risk of territorial changes time to time.
This war won't be decisive. Unfortunately there will be bloodshed. But Yes war won't proved to be decisive. Due to China at eastern / northern border of India The war will end at stalemate kind of condition. India shall inflict lot of damage to Pakistan. Pakistan then become unstable and shall disintegrate in future.
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?

Ken Kennedy

I asked an astrologer about what you have written and he said that it is correct that we are going to face a two front war, it is inevitable, but we are going to win it handsomely. It is due to Modi. When we see the chart of a nation, we must also align it with the chart of the leader. If the King is going to win a war, how can his nation loose it?

Ken Kennedy