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Kashmir fate

Started by rishi8011, September 06, 2010, 12:11:19 AM

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I request seniors member to give their inputs regarding kashmir fate ... if kashmir will continue to see the violence?


does anyone have date and time info of when kashmir\'s king decided to merge this state into india and when was article 370 made especially for kashmir


kindly respected seniors..predict about kshmis..

when it will be a calm state.withour terror problems..


Khasmir issue will be like this only. Nehru did a major mistake by taking the kashmir issue in his hand from Iron man pataudi. One more chance we lost when our army entered into lahore and captured 90000 soldiers of Pak. At that time only india should freed POK. But that was not happend. So we lost 2 major chances. Due to indian administraion failure only the issue still persists. There was no exact time of khasmir became part of india. That is the problem
Maharaja signed The Instrument of Accession that was accepted by the Government of India on October 27, 1947
On February 15, 1954 the assembly members who were present cast a unanimous vote ratifying the state's accession to India
Constitution was drafted which came into force on January 26, 1957


this year's transits indicate uncontrollable situation in kashmir and mostly war or some strong military action is possible


Kashmir Accession:
13:21 Hours Srinagar
74E 48' 34N 06'

Star Dust

if above data is correct (it seems to be.. as some past and present matches), then problem will never subside and future looks even worse with mars dasa starting from 2018.
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Ok, so does that mean there is a possibility of a war with Pakistan in the upcoming years. ?
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jayesh the angel

there is a lot going on in J&K and it seems a dead lock after RSS and Army strongly opposing any tampering with Arms act and article 370 in favor of PDP and pro Pakistan elements, its seems talks will fall, and people of state will deprived of a stable government.

Request seniors to interpret whether there will be any government in the state anytime soon and if yes who will form the government?

Rohit Jain

Now that Mufti Mohd Syed has taken oath as CM of Kashmir at 11:24 AM on 1 Mar 2015. Do we see this as a stable government? Does this government work towards betterment of Kashmiris?
Seniors, please pour your thoughts in.
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