Narendra Modi Horoscope - chances of becoming India's Prime Minister

Started by Seetaram, November 19, 2011, 12:27:31 AM

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Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi born on 17th September 1950 in Vadnagar, Gujarat in Tula Lagna and Vrishchik Rashi.

refering to article :

BJP really lacked leadership at centre ever since vajpayee stepped down.

look at modi\'s horoscope : (if date of birth is assumed correct, if anyone knows any other date.. they can discuss here), he has chances to become PM in 2014 but will be under continous life threats and pressure
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i hope he becomes PM atleast for 2-3 years.
his dasa from 2012 is good but saturn transit from 2014 nov is bad
lets see


Birth Details of Narendra Modi:

Sep 17 , 1950
10.11 AM
VADNAGAR- Gujrat-India
72E38 ; 23N47 TZ- 0530 HRS
This is most widely used Birth Time for Modiji. Some Astrologers have also used
12:21:30 AS the birth time post correction.

Some of the events of his life are mentioned below. We can check the exact time and date of his birth using his birth details.

1995: Modi appointed National Secretary of BJP.
1998 : Promoted to General secretary of BJP
2001: Oct 7, 2001 - CM of Gujurat
Dec 23, 2007: Elected again for 3rd term



12:21 is wrong as it comes to scorpio lagna.
during his sun dasa, he cant be frames into CBI enquires.

it can only happen for tula lagna (10:11 am born)
his saturn transit has improved now and is 4 points in libra but what can bother him will be saturn 0 points in scorpio from november 2014.

even if he becomes PM in 2014 may, he wont be in power full term.
He has life threat


It\'s really good news if he becomes P.M for India.
because he is only capable leader after Sri.Vajpayee.

in my views there is no other leaders compare to Sri.Narendra Modi.  

might be few leaders are there i.e Antony etc., but they don\'t have much Administrative abilities.

Ravi Varma

his better times are starting ever since CBI cleared him of chargesheets and even other countries are looking upto him as PM probable in 2014.

with less than 30 months to go for next elections, can anyone show one strong leader apart from modi for PM post ?
what qualification and experience does rahul gandhi have compared to modi?

only threat seen is in 2015-16 when saturn is totally against him


i really hope he becomes the PM... i read somewhere that India\'s golden period starts in 2015... i think if NM becomes the PM, India\'s golden period definitely starts... but he has too many ppl against him.. also if congress feels he\'s too strong to beat, I\'ll not be surprised if they shoot him dead...

by the way, I voted for him today on Mashable.. :-)

if interested, check this out:


stupid oldman L.K.advani says that none of his BJP men can become PM in 2014.
But majority in country feel that if Modi is presented as their potential PM candidate, none can stop him

Star Dust

kick advani out of BJP
politicians above 80 should be forcibly retired
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