Narendra Modi Horoscope - chances of becoming India's Prime Minister

Started by Seetaram, November 19, 2011, 12:27:31 AM

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Modi can escape this threat (but still some part left during 22 June - 25 October).
In 2017-18 instead of Modi, it can be Ajit Doval or some key person close to modi.
Food poisoning or security lapse can be reason


wrong analysis by a crap astrologer. if he can explain sun dasa CBI case during 2006-12, he can further talk, else shut.
dont bring every nonsense you find to this site.
His horoscope was already predicted and discussed even before 2014 elections in this site


Agree ,Looking by numerology, he does not have any strong features of birth number 2 (29), clearly a no 8 (17) , his struggle before coming into politics and his priorities,initiatives clearly point towards a number 8


Modi has strong chances to get 2nd term (though number of seats can reduce and they might need NDA allies support).
Congress can wait for 2024