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Started by orangeprince, September 11, 2016, 01:49:38 PM

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Formed   on September 21, 1968 in New Delhi, can seniors predict the future of our esteemed spy agency?
Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?


Right now we dont know time of formation but assuming it to be regular office hours : 09:00 - 10:00 am.
It will be meena lagna, simha rasi.
Transits suggest that RAW is facing some tough situation somewhere until 2017 january and again for few months during middle of next year.
After September 2017, RAW should be able to gain more strength and position in some of its operation(s).
If we can find few of its achievements in past 48 years, we can get close to formation time and future part...


In September 2007, R&AW was involved in a controversy due to a high profile CBI raid at the residence of Major General (retired) V K Singh, a retired Joint Secretary of R&AW who has recently written a book on R&AW where it was alleged that political interference and corruption in the intelligence agency has made it vulnerable to defections.

On 19 August 2008 the R&AW Director (Language) who was also head of the R&AW Training Institute in Gurgaon from 2005[149] tried to commit suicide in front of Prime Minister's Office, alleging inaction and wrong findings to a sexual harassment complaint filed against a Joint Secretary, who was on deputation to R&AW.[150][151] She was discharged from duty on the ground that she was mentally unfit[152] and that her identity was disclosed.[153] She was later separately charged with criminal trespass,[154] human trafficking[155] and for her repeated attempts to commit suicide.[153] The Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) ordered R&AW to reinstate her[156] however R&AW filed an appeal against the CAT order which is pending before Delhi High Court.[157] On 20 January 2011 she was sent for psychological evaluation[158] and medical detention by a Delhi High Court judge when she tried to strip herself in the court protesting over the slow pace of her trial.[159][160] The psychological evaluation report stated that 'she may be suffering a mental problem due to loss of job and her continuous run-ins at the courts, but she was certainly not suffering from any permanent or grave mental disorder.'[153] On 15 December 2014, the Supreme Court of India quashed the 2008 media release, which proclaimed Ms. Bhatia as mentally unstable, on the ground that it affected the "dignity, reputation and privacy of a citizen".

A senior technical officer was arrested by CBI on graft charges, on 4 February 2009. The scientist, a Director level employee, worked in the division that granted export licenses to companies dealing in "sensitive" items, including defence-related equipment. He was accused of demanding and accepting a bribe of Rs. 100,000 from a Chennai based manufacturer for obtaining an export license.

In September 2009, seven Additional Secretaries from the RAS cadre had gone on protest leave after A. B. Mathur, an IPS officer, superseded them to the post of Special Secretary.[164][165] Over the years the tussle between the RAS cadre and officers on deputation from IPS cadre has caused friction in the working of the agency.

In 2004, there was a spy scandal involving the CIA.[170] Rabinder Singh, Joint Secretary and the head of R&AW's South East Asia department, defected to America on 5 June 2004. R&AW had already become suspicious about his movements and he was under surveillance for a very long time. Soon he was confronted by Counter Intelligence officials on 19 April 2004.

Can I, as a human being, lead a different kind of life?


Until october 2017, RAW will do well in handling cross-border information and also within the country.
There will be enough funds but some could be misused during 2023-25 and transfer or resignation of a bigwig from this organization is possible. Or atleast change in office possible.
Some money invested on people working at far off places can go as a wastage.
Around 2032-34, RAW will face tough times from politicians and other influential people.

During 2037-40, RAW will face a major crisis again