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Telugu Desam Party Horoscope & Future

Started by crkc, August 05, 2010, 09:41:08 AM

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crkc" alt="Telugu Desam Party Horoscope" title="Telugu Desam Party Horoscope" />
what about the future of TDP party through astrology. whether the party is going down or successful in the coming years. is there any chance to form govt in AP. what about chandrababu?


TDP was formed on 29th march 1982 at 2:30 PM in a pressmeet at hyderabad by late NTR.
3 planets were retrograde, jupiter, mars and saturn at its origin.
So it will always face stiff opposition in state, never remain at top forever and always try to bring huge changes in society.

It is going through Rahu dasa which ends by end of 2017.
Also when jupiter comes back to aquarius in november-december 2010, it will face tough days.

From 2018 in guru dasa, since guru is on rahu\'s star and ketu\'s sub, it will find new leadership.
It will have more enemies than earlier.

Its too complex chart and i dont understand why NTR, who had good knowledge of astrology chose this date and time.
Except that lagna lord is in 11th and exalted, nothing looks exceptional

Ravi Varma

with new development of Jagan\'s resignation, can anyone predict what will be state\'s future in AP


telugu desam party is going through rahu mahardasa between 2000 - 2018

present dasa is rahu-ketu which will be tough and as Rahu enters scorpion in may 2011, it will lead to internal split

also chandra babu\'s horoscope is going thru sadesathi and sani mahardasa simultaneously
so he has to somehow manage to let this 2011 and 12 pass without any major decisions


As per numerology media caling party as TDP which is a not a good number and tdp is going thrugh very tough period becoz of ths


yes. Telugu Desam Party sounds 60, 6(venus) is good
and TDP sounds 16, 1+6=7(ketu) which is bad


Good Day.
Learned Members.

In some news papers expressed as Jagan told his followers in future only Jr.NTR only will be main competitor in future to him in A.P politics. No other person that much of Charisma and following in mass.

Will Jr.NTR lead a Major role in A.P politics in future?

Looking views from Learned Members,


try grow up and stop looking at movie stars as leaders
society should try to create leaders from common men now

infact his horoscope didnt show anything exciting in future too
his married life will also have severe problems, thats why he is not able to find muhurtam till date even after getting engaged last yr

its better that we concentrate on our lives then bother about some celebrity


Dear Mr.Jay Tee. - Yes you are right...I agree with you:)


NTR formed Telugu Desam Party on 29th march 1982 at 2:30 PM when Saturn was in Virgo and became CM on 9 Jan 1983 when Saturn was in Libra.

Nadendla Bhaskara Rao revolted against NTR, in a coup and formed the government with Congress support on 16 Aug 1984 stayed until 16 Sep 1984 (1 month) (Saturn in Libra).

NTR hit back, launched a save democracy movement and triggered such a popular upsurge that then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had to reinstate him within a month.
But NTR himself led a short-lived Ministry for 66 days (September 16, 1984 to November 22, 1984) (Saturn in Libra) when he sought dissolution of the Assembly and went in for fresh elections in 1985 and returned to power on March 9, 1985. (Saturn in Scorpio)

Saturn in
Libra from 06 Oct 1982, 01:02 AM to 21 Dec 1984, 03:22 AM
and again in
Libra from 31 May 1985, 08:59 PM to 16 Sep 1985, 11:44 PM

What can we expect for Andhra Pradesh this time while Saturn is moving into Libra?