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Telugu Desam Party Horoscope & Future

Started by crkc, August 05, 2010, 09:41:08 AM

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TDP's fate may not dramatically change as its still running rahu dasa
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Party became weak because after changing their stand on telangana eventhough chandrababu is against for telangana. This is major turn for the party. Leader in that region gave him to choose wrong path. One more thing is people in that region still not forgetting his regime mistakes. Hope by next election he can become strong again


Could anybody predicts the fate of Chandrababu?


Nara ChandraBabu Naidu 
Date of Birth
20 April 1950  - 11:30 AM - Naravari Palli, (near Tirupati) Chittoor district, A.P.


Is the DOB and Time of Birth are correct?


dont believe cricketers and politicians DOBs as available on net.
most of them are false info.
i know one of the chandra babu's personal astrologer and he said that CBN is born in kanya lagna, kanya rasi, hastha star.
his saturn mahadasa started in 2003 and only after that he lost power.
also 7.5 yrs of sani since 2007 has kept him away from power and made his position weak in state politics.
especially when saturn was in virgo 2009-11, he became weak in telangana.

i'll try to post more when i get his actual chart.

but we can count of TDP formation time and date as they're authentic


Whatever DCP said is right. No celebrity will give their real Birth details in public, especially Politicians. They'll have their personal Astrologers for their consultations. They won't show their horo to anyone outside. Because their opponents can misuse it, if they get original horos. Regarding Actors and Sports persons, they would've faked their D.O.B.'s.
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telugu desam is right now going through rahu dasa (since 2000, and that is when YSR initiated demand for seperate telangana and KCR walked out of TDP to form his TRS party later)
right now major planetary transits of jupiter(partially), saturn and rahu are in its favor since last 2 months.
thats why then won many sarpanch seats.
in next elections, they can get majority in one area and give good competition in other.

however, their golden period comes from june 2018 and approximately that is when AP's saturn mahadasa also ends
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TDP's bad time (rahu dasa) started in the year 2000 and that is when YSR triggered seperate telangana issue by collecting 41 MLAs signatures.
Same year, KCR left TDP and came out. He formed TRS next year (2001).
Chandra Babu Naidu started losing his allies like CPI, CPM since 2002 and in 2004 he lost power.
Since then, TDP has been struggling to keep their hold firmly in state.

Occassional by-elections kept them alive between 2004-09 in telangana.
But after dec 2009, they lost leaders to TRS, Congress and YSRCP, though their cadre is still strong at village level.

NTR chose a good strong muhurtam for this party and it will bounce back after end of rahu dasa (ends in 2018).
Congress planned to destroy TDP and Chandra babu because, it was only party which got 29 MPs in between 1999-2004 and managed a full term(5 years) of non-congress govt at national level.
Earlier 2 attempts in 1975-77 and in 1989-90 didn't last that long and rest all years, India was ruled by congress only.

So, they understood that if TDP is destroyed, they can rule forever.
But fate will take its own course and show exit door to gandhi-nehru clan soon

Saturn and Rahu in Libra indicate emergence of new leadership in national level and end of existing rule at all levels.
Congress is playing the dangerous game of Telangana and will pay the price for it


I cannot say exact number but TDP will form government in Andhra with more than 100 MLA seats out of 175.
Congress will be reduced to single number (less than 10)