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Telugu Desam Party Horoscope & Future

Started by crkc, August 05, 2010, 09:41:08 AM

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Sai Sai

Will the alliance between TDP and BJP be over within the next few months ?



Appa Rao Garu,

Your prediction reg. A.P elections came true, please share your views about TDPand CBN future? is this 2019 elections is last elections for Mr.CBN?



TDP position is now very weak, how many MLA will stay with CBN don't know?
and CBN is getting old ..No strong leader after him in the party.
The great legend Sr.NTR's established party going come down day by day...
is there any future for TDP? in A.P who has great chances after CBN...
unfortunately Lokesh not have such leader qualities like Jagan.