TRS (family) party its future and success in coming elections

Started by msrhprasad, May 15, 2013, 06:57:53 PM

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;D Today TRS Leader Mr.Raghu Nandan Rao is suspended by party, and in press meet he is made many allegations against KCR and his family members.

Not only he, few other senior members are leaving party rising many issues against KCR & family.

Now a days KCR has started two new slogans.

1. is Andhra Praties are required to Telangana. ;)
2. if TRS Win 100 assembly and 16 Loksabha, then automatically Central will declare Telangana State. ;D

reg.this looking for senior views... 


they won't even win 1/3rd of what they're dreaming.
its a badly managed farmhouse party, run by alchoholic and corrupt leaders


well said varenya,

if Telangana formed then this TRS (family) will rule this new state as their own jagirdhar.
collections from Industries/schools/Business Malls and from every one...
every thing they convert in politics i.e Bayarram...

how is TRS party future? 

Before elections Congress might be declare or
after elections BJP might be declare...separate state...


If you want to discuss politics and opinions, you can find many forums
But stick to astrology only here.
TRS party might be looking in tough situation right now with CBI eyeing on their misdeeds, because of too many planets transiting its moon sign.
But future transit (expecting elections in 2014 may) looks better. Even after CBI allegations, they will still get votes in many areas.
KCR's personal horoscope shows bad transit of jupiter and saturn during 2nd half of this year. This will effect them majorly


fyi.. there is a sub-forum i.e politics & issues... :D
if i can't discuss politics then why this sub-forum? ::)
as well i seek political astrological views..


Quote from: msrhprasad on May 22, 2013, 09:30:17 AM
fyi.. there is a sub-forum i.e politics & issues... :D
if i can't discuss politics then why this sub-forum? ::)
as well i seek political astrological views..

I agree with you, I have observed sometimes, some seniors acts like Dictators here rather than spreading their astro knowmledge. i don't have intention to blame anyone. its just my opinion.


KTR the son of KCR is involved in some land litigation's...ha ha ha , by saying Telanagana this persons collecting money from the public...

But poor and innocent students can't understand this cheap and dirty politics. :'(


very sad :-[ under mask of separate state few family members are doing settlements, collections. 8)

intrestingly if some one points out this people, they create it, as its attack on Telagana movement.  shame ;D

innocent people sacrificing their lives for this corrupted people. this few family members are playing sentiments of telengana people. >:(

unfortunately, people also keep faith on this...votes - notes - collections - settlements - power... 8) 8) 8)


Party formed on good date but its leader has bad horoscope.
As expected/predicted, now they're cornered from all angles for their corruption and extortion.
CBI already has a file with eveything that KCR and his family did so far to collect money and increase personal assets since 2009 dec.
If he doesn't compromise with congress before elections, he will become Jagan's cellmate soon


Compromise means...i guess the below options...

1.KCR & Co will have to support in 2014 elections.
2.or will have to support after elections to Congress in Central.
3.agree to package which is offering by Congress.
4.gradually TRS reduce/minimize its activities in the state for separate state...after slowly this movement will gone away from the state. i guess the last one could be more possible... ;)